Soraizhen Party member and cadre: Burn the fire of the original heart to bear the responsibility of fighting the epidemic

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Shandong, March 28, hong Net banner hunting, the mission to urge.In the face of the sudden new round of COVID-19, Sorai quickly organized and led all Party members and officials to attack the frontline and make all-out efforts to fight the epidemic, building a red line of defense against the epidemic for the people.Given the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 cases in surrounding areas, it is urgent to control and check the town so that the whole town residents can be informed of the situation immediately and take effective measures to protect themselves against the disease.No matter where it’s raining, cold or sleepy, the epidemic is the order and prevention and control is our responsibility.Roger! Roger! Roger! Roger!A party official quickly got up and rushed to the village in line with the “COVID-19 emergency plan of Sorai Town.”They have no time to explain and say goodbye to their loved ones and children, but they do not forget to tell their families not to believe or spread rumors.In the face of unknown challenges, they act quickly and with determination.At five o ‘clock in the morning, all the bao village cadres appeared in front of the checkpoint, the village party branch loudspeakers of the Shouting echoed in the streets.Prevention and control begins with the responsibility of party members and cadres.At the request of the city’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the nucleic acid test results of the town became an important basis for the provincial and municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters to evaluate the situation.One-meter noodle, disinfectant, masks and epidemic prevention materials were put in place immediately. Registration, testing and instructions were carried out quickly and strictly.On The 25th, the second round of nucleic acid was in the midst of cold and rainy weather, but the party members stood firm in the wind and rain, waiting for waves of visiting people to provide them with help.Some senior citizens find it inconvenient to use smart phones, so party members use their phones to help them type and leave their contact information, becoming “red stewards” for the masses.The second round of nucleic acid tests was followed by a third and fourth round of instructions.The majority of party members and cadres carry forward the continuous fighting spirit, eat and live in the detection points and bayonuts, many party members and cadres sleep only 4 hours a day for several days, star light cycle, witness their hard work.Prevention and control should be carried out in the responsibility of Party members and cadres.When the problems are intertwined, they show warmth, resolutely protect the people’s livelihood to prevent the epidemic is the order, serving the people’s livelihood is the purpose.Under the control order, it is inevitable that people’s life plans will be temporarily deranged.”I am raise chicken specialized door, feed urgent!””My family needs medical attention. Can an ambulance come in?””I’m the manager, and this order is about workers’ wages!””I’m just an ordinary person. Can I buy vegetables?”Duty phones rang incessantly, and inquiries on the spot revealed the eagerness of the people.Have difficulty to have a plan!If you want something, you need an answer!The town party committee according to the sheet all receive, oneself think way more, to go up multi-party coordination, will one after another difficulty break.The town fixed supermarket opened in time, meat dish quality is stricter, the price remains unchanged, the village statistics of vegetable sellers and telephone, want to eat what dishes directly contact door-to-door service;All special vehicles will be released;Agricultural practitioners transport drivers are required to fill in the relevant materials, good seal release;Village elimination team quickly assembled…Heart-warming measures are also reflected in the subtleties of nucleic acid detection. In order to facilitate the rapid detection of elderly friends, the detection point saves the two-dimensional code of the villagers, and the number is coded, and the villagers directly report the number can be quickly locked. Some villages in turn issued two-dimensional code stickers, bright code detection is more convenient.At present, the third nucleic acid test in three days is being carried out methodically. In order to facilitate the residents with inconvenient movement, the detection personnel took the method of door-to-door service, going through the streets to do publicity and collect nucleic acid, which ensured that the detection should be done at the same time, and sent to a peace of mind.Prevention and control, party members and cadres in the heat of responsibility.In return, Sorai completed one, two and three rounds of nucleic acid tests for all personnel in his 64 hours of continuous combat. He secured the defense line against the epidemic and tense nerves in 64 hours, so that he could warm the hearts of the people and even brighter the red fortress.This is the entrusted responsibility of the people, how to fear the wind and rain, how to fear the thorns.Soraizhen’s officials, together with soldiers from all sides, built a strong fortress against the epidemic and a high wall of trust.We firmly believe that the haze will dissipate and the road will be smooth. Let us continue to abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, implement the superior deployment, unite all forces and wait for the next morning!2. Edited by Li Shan