The Middle East and North Africa regional headquarters of Qitu Express has settled in Saudi Arabia, creating the largest intelligent logistics park

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J&T has set up its Middle East and North Africa regional headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, announced Founder and Chairman Li Jie at LEAP, the world’s top technology event held in Saudi Arabia on February 1.It will work with eWTP Arabia Capital and other partners to build the largest intelligent logistics industrial park in the Middle East and North Africa region in Saudi Arabia.Li Jie said that Qitu plans to build the largest intelligent logistics industrial park in the Middle East and North Africa region in Saudi Arabia to better meet the needs of e-commerce logistics development in the Middle East and North Africa region, better serve consumers and partners, and improve the experience of local express logistics services.The LEAP Summit, held from February 1-3, 2022 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the world’s premier tech event hosted by Saudi Arabia, with more than 700 emerging tech startups participating.The Saudi General Directorate of Civil Aviation (GACA), on behalf of the Saudi Government, formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with eWTP Arabia Capital for the Smart Logistics Industrial Park project.The plan of the sign means that the next 10 years, the rabbit will in Saudi Arabia to cultivate professional Courier logistics talents, advanced software and hardware equipment, the construction of the intelligence of the Middle East and north Africa region’s largest logistics industrial park, Saudi Arabia to build into a rabbit and a global logistics hub and strategic operations center, to serve the market throughout the Middle East and north Africa area.The logistics park will include a world-class express distribution centers, cargo sorting center, automatic warehousing system, air cargo terminals, e-commerce industrial park, modern industrial park, promote the local science and technology driven industry economy to achieve all-round development, stimulate the local retail and manufacturing of strong growth, make Saudi connecting Asia, Europe and Africa shipping channel key Bridges,Contributing to the realization of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.The initiative is backed by local partners such as eWTP Arabia Capital, a MenA venture Capital firm.Also speaking at the event, Mr. Li Jinji, founding partner of eWTP Arabia Capital, said, “eWTP Arabia is delighted to be involved in this project as a partner to further support Extreme Rabbit’s operations in the North Africa Region of the Middle East and contribute to the in-depth development of extreme Rabbit’s global network.We believe that through this project, we will be able to support more technology-driven Chinese innovative enterprises, supply chains and brands to win in the world in the future together with Polar Rabbit.”In January this year, Qitu officially opened its express delivery service network in Saudi Arabia and the UNITED Arab Emirates. It has established its own national distribution network and localized storage system in each country, covering all provinces and regions in the two countries.Since its establishment in 2015, Jiutu has been adhering to the idea of international development and actively exploring the market with its unique operation mode.At present, Qitu has rapidly established its own express delivery network in 10 countries to meet users’ growing demand for local and cross-border services.In the future, Qitu will further deepen its efforts in emerging markets, improve its global layout, and connect the world efficiently so that logistics will benefit the world.