The latest original song “toward spring Chu hair”, welcome the Year of the Tiger

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In March 2019, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism organized more than 20 songwriters to visit Xibaipo, Ruijin, Jinggangshan and other revolutionary holy places.During a visit to the Lu Xun Art Institute in Yan ‘an, I came across this passionate and poetic quote from the famous writer Ding Ling: “I always have a hope that spring China will sprout and grow in my works.Let me embrace spring China!”My eyes for one of the bright, suddenly write on the phone: “toward the spring start.”That night, according to the song title completed the creation.Li Changming, Executive vice president and secretary general of China Music and Literature Association.He is a member of Chinese Musicians Association.The lyrics song “The Republic Comes from Here” was selected as one of the “songs in my heart” to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.The lyricist song “Do you still remember” was selected into the Chinese contemporary songwriting project “Hear China Hear You” (2018);”Walking with Lei Feng” was rated by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, China Music Association and The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television as the theme song of Volunteer service learning From Lei Feng.”Jambo, Tazara” and “Happy China” were funded by the National Art Foundation of 2019 and 2020;”Benon” has been selected as the permanent song of the Ten ASEAN countries — China Table Tennis International Games.”There is Only One China”, “People choose You”, “Friend, how are you” and “Mother” won the provincial “Five one” project award.The lyrics of the song “OK, Sunday” is widely sung on campuses across the country;”Have Me by your Side” was selected as the song of central enterprise volunteers by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.He wrote songs for several films and TV dramas, including The Bloody Qiantang River.Won the Capital May Day Music Award and the outstanding individual honorary title of “In-depth Employee Creative Practice Activity” jointly awarded by the Ministry of Culture, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and China Writers’ Association.Yao Mengdie, member of China Musicians Association, president of Yunnan Qujing Musicians Association, trainee of the third national Excellent Songwriters Advanced Training class of China Music Association.His main works are: Yi dance music “Choo Chobi”, “Mai Rub Zha” and “Daughter song”;Lantern song and dance music buckwheat Blossom;Orchestral works: Clouds in the Mountains, Lanterns and Love Songs;The songs “Drunk in yi”, “So Beautiful”, “Set out towards spring” and so on.His works were awarded the honorary title of “Top Ten Works” of the 9th Chinese Dance “Lotus Award” for Ethnic Folk Dance, the 7th and 8th yunnan Cultural Quality Project Award by the Publicity Department of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, the music Award of the 2nd Minority Education Ethnic Art Performance in Yunnan Province, and the “Best Music Award” of the Yunnan Flower Lantern Art Week exhibition.Introduction of Zhang Tingting soprano, national secondary actress.Associate professor of vocal Music, Kunming Vocational College of Arts.Graduated from China Conservatory of Music, majoring in vocal performance.In 2000, won the national Zhang Ye Imitation show of Joy in CCTV;Hong Kong in 2015.Asian Music Festival Vocal Music Competition Chinese singing style won the “Excellent Singer” award;2016 Peacock Award National Professional Vocal Music Competition, third prize of Ethnic Singing;Gold Medal of Ethnic Singing in Yunnan Division of the 11th Chinese Music “Golden Bell Award” Audition in 2016;2016-2018 “Avenue of Stars” Outstanding Challenge Player;In 2018, she released her first original album, Ting Yun Sheng Sheng;In 2012, on behalf of China, participated in the Sino-European cultural exchange in Budapest, Hungary, and took part in the performance of “Bridge of Culture” as soloist and host;In 2019, he served as a judge of Puer District of The Voice of China;Judge of the Voice of China Yunnan Contest in 2019.Editor: Yan Jingping, White Waves