Urgent reminder!This morning, yingshang, Yingshangdong highway entrance temporarily closed!

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The latest news fuyang traffic police just released:9 PM on February 5th, 53 points because of the traffic impact chuhe new high-speed stands on the east entrance temporarily closed at 10 16 points affected by making speed 12 chuhe new high-speed ‘entrance temporarily closed to remind the driver friend arrange travel plans are highway traffic please rest nearby exit of high-speed or enter the service area in addition, return the peak is coming!Road condition forecast: according to the analysis and judgment, it is expected that the second half of the Spring Festival holiday and after the festival in our province will still meet the return flow.To this end, anhui Province Public Security Department traffic police corps, Anhui Province traffic and transportation comprehensive law enforcement supervision bureau to make the following tips: a, February 5 (the fifth day of the first month) 15 to 19 will appear the first small peak, the highest peak will appear in February 6 (the sixth day of the first month) 14 to 19.2. Congested roads are mainly concentrated in the west to east direction of the main transit highway in the province and the rebuilt and expanded sections. Easy to congested roads are: 1.Detour route: to nanjing direction of the vehicle can be from the Ming Light east road, along the provincial road to Nanjing, or from G3 Beijing-Taiwan high-speed to S12 Chuxin high-speed to S98 Chuzhou branch reached G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi high-speed into Nanjing.2. S12 Chuxin Expressway Bagong Mountain Service area to Changfeng Hub section from west to east.Detour route: Vehicles to Hefei can get off maoji Road and follow National Highway 206 to Reach Hefei.3. G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway hexaye section from west to east.Detour route: vehicles heading for Hefei can arrive at Hefei along National Highway 312.4. G4212 Hean High-speed line from south to north.Detour route: passing vehicles can from Tongcheng, Shucheng, Lujiang road, along national Highway 330 or 206 to Reach Hefei.5, G5011 wuhe high-speed Saddle Shanxi hub to nanjing direction.Detour route: Vehicles in the Direction of Shanghai, Zhejiang can be along G4221 Huwu high-speed transfer to S11 Chaohuang high-speed reach Wuhu Second Bridge, through G50 Huyu high-speed to other places.G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway along the River from west to east direction.Detour route: via vehicles from tongling road, along the provincial road to Fanchang or Nanling again on the road.G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway Xuan-Guang section from west to eastDetour route: via vehicles from Xuancheng road, along 318 provincial road to Guangde, from Guangde west again on the road.Before travelling, the majority of drivers can pay attention to the road conditions along the way through navigation, broadcasting, micro-blog and other ways, plan the route reasonably, return at different times and at different peaks, and pay attention to avoid the road prone to congestion.Until 10:05 on February 5, traffic police orders, affected by rain and fog: Wuhu Highway: wuhu mainline, bay enclave entrance temporarily closed.Xuancheng to Wuhu direction of vehicles separated from bay Proper exports.Ningzhou-wuhu Expressway: East of Wuhu, Eshan Road, South of Wuhu, Eqiao and Fanchang entrance were temporarily closed.Maanshan to tongling direction vehicles from wuhu east export diversion.Ramp from Ma on Shan to Xuancheng direction at Zhongming Junction closed.Wuhu junction interchange ma ‘anshan to Xuancheng direction and Tongling to Xuancheng direction ramp temporarily closed.Two-way thousand army service area exit temporarily closed.Li Wu highway: Henggang, Shuiyang entrance temporarily closed.Every day high speed: wuwei entrance forbids two passengers and a dangerous vehicle on the high speed.Chaohu to wuwei direction vehicles in the shijian service area content stay.Chao Huang highway: Fanchang north, south entrance of Nanling temporary closure.No two passenger (including 7 seats) dangerous vehicles on the expressway at wuwei East entrance.Fanchang east junction interchange ma ‘anshan to Chaohu direction ramp closed.Fanchang East junction interchange huangshan to Tongling direction and Huangshan to Ma ‘anshan direction ramp temporarily closed.Chaohu to fanchang direction of vehicles from fanchang north export diversion.Huangshan to Chaohu direction from nanling south export diversion.Two-way nanling home development service area exit temporarily closed.Sanshan banned more than 7 passenger cars (including), dangerous chemical vehicles road.He ‘an Expressway: Anqing Bridge entrance temporarily closed.Huining, Anqing, anqing north entrance to The direction of Chizhou temporary closure.Tongling highway: Tongling south, Qingyang, Lingyang entrance temporarily closed, Huangshan to Tongling direction of vehicles from jiuhuashan export diversion.Li Ning high speed: A road, Hu Le, Jinsha, Lang Xi east, Wan Sulang river entrance temporarily closed, Huangshan to Guangde direction in a split road.Ningguo service area two-way export closed.Xuantong Highway: Sunbu, Ningguo North, Ningguo, Zhongxi, Wanzhe Qianqiu pass entrance temporarily closed, xuancheng to Ningguo direction of vehicles in sunbu export diversion.Shanghai-chongqing expressway: Tongling east, Tongling, Jiuhuashan north, Chizhou, Yinhui, Dadukou, Nanling west, Henglang Mountain, nanling east entrance temporarily closed.Xuancheng to Tongling direction nanling service area export closed.Tongling to Xuancheng direction nanling service area, Hanting service area export closed.Wuhu to Anqing direction all vehicles in tongling east export diversion.Anqing to Wuhu direction of all vehicles in jiuhuashan north, Dadukou export diversion.Shunan parking area, Tianmen, Niutou mountain service area two-way export closed.High – bound highway: axle temple entrance to hefei direction temporarily closed.Germany on the highway: Fir Yang east, Chizhou west, Mei Village, Shitai, fir Yang north entrance temporarily closed.Andong Expressway: east flow, east to the entrance temporarily closed.Jingdezhen to anqing direction all vehicles from the east to the export diversion.East to Anqing direction shengjinhu service area exit closed.Ningxuan highway: Temporary closure of the bridge entrance.Xuancheng Expressway: Xuancheng north entrance temporarily closed.Chuxin Highway: Yingshang east entrance temporarily closed.Xuancheng Expressway: Xuancheng West, Xuancheng east, Cross, Guangde West, Guangde, guangde east entrance temporarily closed.Guangde to Xuancheng direction of vehicles in xuancheng west, Guangde west export diversion.Guangde service area from Guangde to Xuancheng is closed.Car more slowly: every day high speed: wuwei export.Wu-hefei Highway: Hefei to Wuhu direction of Ma ‘anshan West junction section, Chaohu section.He Liuye Expressway: 734 kilometers from Yeji to Hefei (near Yaoli Toll Station, within the territory of Yeji District, Lu ‘an city) to 731 kilometers, 674 kilometers (near Gaodian interchange, within the territory of Feixi County, Hefei City).Chuxin Expressway: Xincai to Hefei direction 212 km to 210 km (west of yingshang Tollgate about 2 km, in Yingshang County fuyang city).Accident information: Huangfu Expressway: Two cars rear-ended at 11km + 600m from west Jiangshan to Huangshan (within Xiuning County, Huangshan City, entrance of Qiyunshan Service Area), occupied the emergency lane, the left lane and the right lane can pass, cars at the scene of the accident more slowly.Traffic police instructions, control information: Jiefubian Expressway: two-way triangle yuan service area entrance temporarily closed.Huangfu Expressway: Two-way Qiyun Mountain service area temporarily closed.Everyone must pay attention to safety during the return peak!Important information please spread!Source: Fuyang public network, TV Yingshang Sponsor: Publicity Department of Yingshang County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China Editor: Wang Luyao, Jing Hua, supervisor: Dai Guangyun