Break out: Epstein’s close friend Brunel hanged in prison, and Epstein died the same way

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February 19, according to Britain’s the sun newspaper headlines reported breaking, February 18 (local time) last night, the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein friends jean-luc brunel was found hanging in prison, to die the same as the Epstein’s death in 2019, brunel bringing many secrets to the grave, and this time,Less than a week has passed since Prince Andrew, duke of York, reached a £12million out-of-court settlement with Epstein, who was 17 at the time.The news, first reported by two French dailies, Le Monde and Le Parisien, said that fashion agent Brunel had been found hanged in La Sante prison in Paris on The evening of February 18.Brunel, 76, is believed to have been a key member of Epstein’s fearsome trafficking ring, linked to both Epstein and his ex-girlfriend and later partner, Guillen Maxwell.In December 2020, Brunel was charged with rape and sexual assault of minors, including three 12-year-old sisters, and remanded in custody.Virginia, who has been battling Prince Andrew, duke of York, said in court documents released in August 2019 that Maxwell instructed her to have sex with several men, including Brunel, when she was a teenager.In fact, Brunel was Epstein’s supplier of female models, and Virginia said in a 2015 affidavit that Epstein had bragged about having sex with more than 1,000 girls from Brunel’s agency.Brunel flew three 12-year-old girls from Paris to the United States as birthday presents for Epstein.Brunel is believed to have flown on Epstein’s private jet (used by Bill Clinton and Bill Gates) when she was at least 25 and visited the Epstein mansion at least 70 times.Mr Brunel was not only associated with Mr Epstein, but also with personal history.Thysia Huisman, a Dutch model, said she was 18 when she first lived with Brunel and was raped by him in 1991.This week, Prince Andrew and Virginia Giffle avoided the embarrassment of a British prince in a US court by reaching an out-of-court settlement worth £12million, funded by Queen Elizabeth II, 95, according to The Daily Telegraph.A few days later brunel hung himself in prison, taking all his secrets to the next world.Photo source: theSun, BING Edit: Zhang Xiao