Concerning the “certificate of departure from Tianjin”, tianjin 15 districts announced the consultation telephone!

2022-07-08 0 By

If you are stranded in Hedong District of Tianjin due to the epidemic and need to leave Tianjin and return home, please pay attention to apply for the certificate of departure from Tianjin.The following three aspects are suggested: 1. When you leave, you should provide “two certificates and one code”, that is, the nucleic acid test negative proof within 48 hours, the certificate of departure, and the health code green code.2. Please write the application and submit it to the community for preliminary review. The sub-district office will review it and issue the certificate after approval.3. Before leaving Tianjin, please learn about the epidemic prevention and control policies of your destination in advance and report to your community (village) at your destination. Take good personal protection along the way.If you still do not understand, please consult the sub-district office staff, the telephone number is as follows:Hongqiao district, Hedong district, Ninghe District, Jizhou District, Xiqing District, Binhai New District, Hexi District, Dongli District, Wuqing District, Hexi District, Nankai District, Baodi District, Jinghai District, Beichen District has announced the issuance of “proof from Tianjin” street consultation telephone source: direct impression