Daoxian High-tech Zone party working Committee to carry out online memorial heroes theme activities

2022-07-08 0 By

Hunan Daily · new Hunan client on April 6 (correspondent Shen Honggu Zhou Ping) during the Qingming Festival, Daoxian High-tech Zone Party working Committee organized online memorial to heroes theme activities.High-tech zone all staff actively participate in online memorial martyrs, promote volunteer spirit.Through mobile phones, the staff logged on to the special page of the “2022 Online Memorial for Heroes of Good Samaritans” activity of the China Foundation for Good Samaritans to pay respects to their photos and offer “cloud bows” and “cloud flowers” to martyrs.They all said that they should cherish the hard-won happy life, stay true to their original mission, turn the memory and admiration for revolutionary martyrs and heroes into a strong driving force for their study and work, and carry forward the spirit of service and dedication in their future work, be down-to-earth and pay tribute to the heroes and martyrs with practical actions.[Editor: Huang Liuying]