Elevated mechanical warehouse design flow

2022-07-08 0 By

A 20m elevated mechanical warehouse, at both ends of which are the import and shipment area and sorting and processing area, and in the middle is the shelf area. In the shelf area, the sprinkler system of the roof + the built-in sprinkler is set, and the large space intelligent fire extinguishing system (large space intelligent sprinkler or intelligent scanning water cannon) is adopted at both ends.Can the warehouse be taken from the large value of the design flow of sprinkler and large space intelligent fire extinguishing system as the design flow of automatic fire extinguishing system?Answer: It should be determined according to article 4.5.3 in GB51427-2021, Technical Standard for Automatic Tracking and Positioning Jet Extinguishing System.In this case, the self-spraying system and the automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing system are in the same place, and the two systems may work at the same time. The designed water quantity, water pressure and water consumption of a fire extinguishing system should meet the requirements of the simultaneous use of the two systems.It is recommended that construction professionals adjust the clearance height of the site in the import and export area and sorting and processing area, and adopt self-spraying system and automatic fire extinguishing system according to the clearance height and warehouse danger level.From 2021 Jiangsu Province construction engineering construction drawing design review technical questions