Heat up!Xi ‘an tourism market a number of data in the forefront of the country

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Although the qingming Small holiday cross-provincial travel restrictions, Xi ‘an tourism market continues to heat up, a number of data ranked in the forefront of the country.According to Qunar, the number of searches for Xi ‘an on the platform surged more than 10 times before the holiday, driving tourism to neighboring cities in Shaanxi Province.Cuihua Mountain and Qinling Wildlife Park are among the top ten scenic spots in China.In addition, Ctrip big data shows that Xi ‘an was selected as the country’s top ten qingming Festival rural tourism sources.Xi ‘an tourism market rebound at the end of March, Xi ‘an, Baoji and other cities travel codes have “picked the star”, also stimulate the tourism market in Shaanxi province ushered in the “Indian Summer”.According to Qunar, ticket sales for scenic spots in Xi ‘an increased 12 times from April 1 to April 5 compared with March 27 to March 31, while hotel bookings increased 22 percent.The most popular scenic spots include cuihua Mountain, Qinling Wildlife Park, Zhongnan Mountain and Nanwutai Scenic Area, White Deer Plain Film And Television City, and Terracotta Warriors.Among them, Cuihua Mountain, Qinling Wildlife Park ticket sales into where qingming festival ticket sales of the national top ten, more than 70% of the visitors are tourists in Shaanxi province.The rebound of xi ‘an’s tourism market also drives the tourism consumption of other cities in Shaanxi province.According to Qunar, during the Qingming Festival, hotel bookings in Tongchuan, Baoji, Hanzhong, Xianyang and Shangluo in Shaanxi increased by more than 40 percent compared with the pre-festival period.Part of the b&B rural hotel is difficult to find a room response is not necessary to go out of Xi ‘an, during the Qingming Festival, many scenic spots in Xi ‘an to present “people to crowd yi”, and in accordance with the maximum capacity of 75% of the flow of flow.In addition, outdoor trips, flower appreciation and camping in the suburbs have become the “standard” for many people’s holidays, which has also led to a surge in bookings for rural hotels on the outskirts of cities.On April 5, Ctrip released an insight into the qingming Festival Holiday 2022, which showed that due to the impact of the epidemic, the popularity of short trips within the province and near outings in the city increased this year.According to ctrip’s scenic spot ticket booking data, shaanxi’s surrounding and local ticket orders account for 64%, and nearly 90% of tourists choose to travel at home.Outing to appreciate flowers, camping in parks and outdoor sports have become popular with qingming Festival visitors.This year’s Qingming festival, “rural tourism around big cities” is particularly popular, the proportion of local urban residents booking accommodation in rural hotels reached 60%, a year-on-year increase of 35%.The TOP10 rural tourism source cities for qingming festival are: Beijing, guangzhou, hangzhou, chongqing, shenzhen, wuhan, nanjing, ningbo, xi ‘an and Qingdao.From the consumption power of rural tourism, parent-child users are the core group.According to Ctrip, families accounted for nearly 40% of the bookings for b&B hotels during the Qingming Holiday.Taking children to fish tadpoles by the lake and pick seasonal vegetables and fruits from orchards has become a new fashion for city residents to go on a long vacation.”It’s hard to get a room for the Qingming Holiday this year. We booked it out one week before the festival.Totally unexpected!”Xi ‘an Chang ‘an district a b&B owner said.According to Qunar, the number of b&B bookings in rural hotels during the Qingming Holiday increased by nearly 60 percent compared with the same period last year.In addition, this year’s Qingming festival, Ctrip platform outdoor sports scenic spot ticket orders increased 66% compared with the same period last year.The TOP5 most popular scenic spots during the qingming festival in shaanxi are huashan mountain, hanguang gate ruins museum, zhongnan mountain and nanwutai scenic spot, xi ‘an expo park and xi ‘an city wall.Article: Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Yang Ming Intern Wang Wenyuan editor: Wang Shaoying