Qiu Biao Yang Ming lost again, and Wang Bo obviously won, because the most handsome young shuai was successfully won

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The most handsome young coaches of the CBA league have arrived, and this time Wang Bo, Qiu Biao and Yang Ming are all expected to be elected. After all, they are the best in the league both in appearance and coaching ability.But guangxia team wang Bo has succeeded in the last laugh, this is the most unexpected!However, he is the most handsome young handsome is also deserved.Because he and Yang Ming are the same as the new head coach was ordered to become the team, but the time has only been two years, he will guangzhou team to bring the second position of the whole league, on this point, there is no one to refuse!But what are the reasons for the other two managers?Below, with basketball younger brother together to see!First of all, let’s take a look at The situation of Wang Bo. I believe you must remember that Wang Bo officially took over the coaching of Guangzhou Team from his teacher Li Chunjiang on December 22, 2020. Thus, he also formally stepped into the career of a coach.However, as soon as he became the coach of the team, he directly took charge of the Guangsha team, which is more than 90 levels of the large, to say that he did not have a little psychological pressure, we really do not believe.Even so, he stood up to the pressure with his actions.Even in his coaching year, guangzhou team’s ranking dropped to the seventh in the league, but their overall ranking only dropped two places, but Wang Bo obviously has a chance!Wang Bo has created miracles, just in the current season, he led guangzhou Xiamen team all the way into the top 2 of the CBA League, which is the best record of Guangzhou Xiamen team in recent years.Wang can lead guangsha of this record is the inevitable result, reason is very simple, not only did he make a construction of three little play a stronger power, he also further activate the youth of the team, especially Zhu Junlong, Zhao Jiaren and Zhao Jiayi this several young, this also let guangsha whole squad strength become more abundant.Although the guangzhou mansion team achieved the second best result in the whole league, but this is just a beginning, because Wang Bo will lead the Guangzhou Mansion team to attack the championship cup!And that’s why he’s in!Secondly, let’s take a look at Shenzhen coach Qiu Biao, who is also one of the representative coaches of the 1980s generation in the CBA League. I believe you all remember that Qiu Biao was also promoted to the position of coach in 2020.But he is different from other coaches, shenzhen team in his hands is undoubtedly refreshed, especially in his debut season, he led shenzhen team all the way to the EIGHTH place in the CBA League.You know, before the start of last season, their inside force Li Muhao but officially left the team.From this in more time, their inside line can only be sung by Shen Zijie “one-man show”!But even so, Qiu Biao still led them back into the CBA league’s top eight.Qiu Biao also once shuai Shenzhen hit the peak of this is almost a miracle, but this is just the beginning, because Qiu Biao still wants to lead the team to climb to new heights.Sure enough, in the 14th round of the regular season, when they beat Tongxi, Shenzhen rose to the second place in the league.Although due to the injury of Shen Zijie later withdrew also let Shenzhen team’s ranking fell again, but when Shen Zijie returned from injury, Shenzhen team also regained their strength, and their final ranking to the sixth in the whole league.From here can see, Qiu Biao’s contribution in the end is how big, so his selection is also completely no problem.Yang Ming body has appeared traces of time finally, we have a look at the situation of Yang Ming, I believe we also know, Yang Ming once known as the whole league of the most beautiful “young shuai”!But as he coached liaoning over the past two years, it became apparent to fans that the “young manager” was also showing signs of age — especially dark circles under his eyes.It seems that Yang Ming usually did not stay up late to study new tactics.Have no way!”Guo Shiqiang” created the brilliance of Liaoning team before, and now he urgently needs to make his own brand on this team.The best way to make a mark on them is to lead them to new heights, and Yang Ming has done that in the regular season.Yang Ming has led Liaoning to the peak that is Liaoning team successfully won the top of the regular season, but this is just the beginning for Liaoning team.Because Yang Ming’s ultimate goal is obviously to lead this team to climb to the top again, that is, to win the championship cup of the current season.And Now Liaoning is clearly ready, as was evident in their performance at the end of the third period.And now Liaoning team is obviously ready to reverse attack, this time Yang Ming will lead them in the playoffs to win the championship cup!Rushed Yang Ming contribution to team Liaoning, his selection is also a matter of course!Those are the basics of the three coaches, but who is the most handsome young coach in the CBA league?That basketball younger brother will cast this vote to guangsha team wang Bo, the reason is very simple, because guangsha team not only in his hands to revive, now guangsha team is the possibility of championship!For his contribution to guangzhou Xiamen, Wang Bo is the most handsome young coach in the CBA league.What do you think about that?