The precise positioning of “big tutor” and “second tutor” for graduate students

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At present, many colleges and universities are actively improving the training mode of graduate students, in order to improve the quality of graduate education.Among them, one mode is to realize the transformation from the past “single tutor” system to “double tutor” system.To put it bluntly, there are two supervisors for graduate students, one is the supervisor (commonly known as “big supervisor”), and one is the deputy supervisor or the second supervisor (commonly known as “second supervisor”).Generally speaking, the big guide is basically relatively older, in addition to most of the body also hold administrative positions, usually official business, more meetings, for the time to guide graduate students is relatively less;For the second tutor, they are younger, are the academic backbone of this direction, and full of energy, therefore, many big tutors are willing to take the responsibility of graduate students fall on their shoulders, the name is: “advance into the state of the tutor”.To tell the truth, although both are postgraduate tutors, there are still a lot of taboos between big tutors and second tutors.Especially in the personal habits of the way of work, the way of taking graduate students, the way of doing things and so on, often have their own set.Not only is it easy to misunderstand each other, but it is quite possible to enmity each other without knowing why.Therefore, as the graduate students studying under the supervision of the two mentors, they must make clear the precise role positioning between them and know the relationship and difference between them. Only in this way can they live in harmony with each other in scientific research, study and life without making mistakes or even getting burned.01 “Big Guide” role positioning if the big guide to their accurate positioning, it is inseparable from perspective-taking.In fact, it is also very simple, the big guide to often think about such a question: what kind of big guide hope to cooperate with graduate students?I think, two guide generally want to guide the body has the following 5 advantages.One is the hope that the big guide open-minded, can be at ease with themselves, let go.The senior director should not worry about exceeding his authority in the laboratory, should not be afraid of exceeding his academic level, and should not care about some trivial things, such as the method of taking students, the daily management of the laboratory, and so on.In short, the big guide should think and look at the second guide from the positive aspect, must not be paranoid, suspicious.Only to the two guide in the mind at ease, in order to achieve in the work of letting go.In fact, the second guide with students attentively, actively engaged in scientific research, dare to take responsibility, these are a good thing for the big guide.As long as it is the achievement of your experimental team, it is not particularly important who will preside over it. As the core leader of the team, no matter who is responsible for scientific research or leading students, it is still under your leadership.The team has achieved scientific research achievements and cultivated outstanding graduate students, which is the result of our joint efforts. If others say your scientific research team is excellent, it means that you are excellent and have good leadership.Similarly, if the team has problems, the second leader work mistakes, the general guide to dare to bear.When mistakes occur at work, leaders should not only distinguish the subject of responsibility, but also not excuse themselves. They should focus on drawing lessons from experience, improving working methods and strengthening solidarity with each other.Second, I hope that the leader dares to make decisions and can gather the strength of the team.As the leader of the research team, the senior director should focus on the macro idea and organizational layout, take charge of the overall development of the team, and improve the overall research level of the team.The great leader should be able to make a clear distinction between right and wrong, be good at gathering strength, be strict with himself in everything, and be able to balance mercy with severity, so as to maintain the stability of the development of the scientific research team.Only in this way, it is beneficial to mobilize the enthusiasm of the second leader and improve the overall level of the team.If the big leader blindly focuses on small enlargement, hesitates, changes from time to time, then the second leader will not know what to do, neither do not do.Third, I hope that the mentor can communicate with all team members regardless of familiarity.The leader should be honest with the second leader and other team members and support those who are right.If some members of the scientific research team, the big leader often discuss things, there is good thinking, and the second leader is indifferent, so it is bound to produce contradictions and estrangement.Big guide should be able to care more about the second guide, hear the graduate students with opinions on the second guide, to understand from the side, take the initiative to talk, ask the reason.Big guide can not have the opinion of the graduate student name revealed to the two guide, and can not love to listen to graduate students on the two guide suggestions.On the contrary, the big guide for the second guide to do some more explanation and persuasion work, so as to create a comfortable working environment.Fourth, hope that the style of democracy, can concentrate the wisdom of the team.The second leader hopes that he can consult with himself and all team members can fully express their opinions.Sometimes, even though the leader has made up his mind about something, the rest of the team doesn’t fully understand it. As long as time permits, it’s best to sit back, wait, look at it, and discuss it later.Especially in the training of graduate students, education and graduation and other sensitive issues, the big guide to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the second guide, can not impose their will on the second guide.Generally speaking, unwillingness to listen to different opinions and voices is almost all great teachers easy to catch the common disease.Even if some people do not have this problem when they are two guides, they can hear different opinions, but once they become big guides, they will get this disease immediately.Of course, when the second leader speaks his mind, he doesn’t require the team to do things their own way.In a scientific research team, everyone asks the professor to do things according to his own ideas, which is not objective.The second guide should also understand and understand the difficulties of the big guide.At the same time, the master for everyone’s different opinions, can not be disgusted, to know how to gather ideas and exchange benefits, let everyone speak out.If it does not affect the normal development of the research team, the senior director should try to adopt the opinions of the second director.He lets you air your opinions, but at the end of the day, when it’s up to him, it’s still his old idea, so what’s the point of the discussion?Fifth, I hope the big guide can value the second guide and give full play to their role.The role of the second leader in the scientific research team is often directly proportional to the character, ability and bearing of the great leader.The second leader, generally speaking, is the top member of the scientific research team, the right hand and the left hand of the major leader in scientific research work, and the backbone of scientific research projects.In general, a second derivative may also be a successor to a major derivative.Therefore, the big guide must not ignore the two guide, can not think that one more two guide is one more opinion, one more layer of trouble.02 two guide the role positioning two guide also often ask yourself: what kind of two guide hope to have?First, know your position.In the scientific research team, the accurate identification of the second leader is a supporting role, is an assistant;But when taking graduate students and doing scientific research topics, they are the leading role and the supervisor.Since the second leader is the deputy and supporting role, it is necessary to cooperate and assist the main leader to carry out the work, to be able to know the overall situation, think of the overall awareness, not only in charge of the hand of the part of the work.The phenomenon often happens in the laboratory: the more the second guide asks for something, the more the big guide lets you decide;Second, the more frequent the report, the more you do;The more coordinated the second leader is, the more supportive the senior leader is.On the contrary, the more the second guide does not ask for instructions, the big guide will cross to ask;Two lead more do not report, big lead more to listen to;The more stuffy the second lead, the more the big lead wants to tube.Second, positioning.The second guide only correctly understand their own position, in order to put their own position, that is: to do auxiliary duties, responsibilities.The second leader should be able to take the initiative to put forward suggestions for the development of the scientific research team, find a good overall layout, and obey the arrangement of the big leader.In particular, the second leader should be independent but not stubborn, and be able to understand and understand the difficulties of the big clapper.To sum up, we must do this: stress principles in big matters, stress style in small matters, and stress compromise in small matters.In fact, in the scientific research team, often encountered almost is not big or small things: students published papers, laboratory procurement of reagents, students and so on, these things do not need to haggle with the big leader.In addition, the second leader has the courage to take responsibility, to promote scientific research projects, leading graduate students and other things to be responsible.Do not shirk responsibilities when confronted with problems, do not hand in contradictions, manage what should be managed, and have the courage to shoulder difficult and laborious tasks.Third, we need to be in place.The purpose of position recognition and positioning, in the final analysis, is to work in place.Of course, the unity between the two leaders is not the goal, but to form a team with cohesion and combat effectiveness. The team should not focus on unity without fighting, and should not focus on relationships without producing scientific research results.