This home-cooked dish, dried spicy fish, can eat three bowls of rice in one meal

2022-07-08 0 By

Hello everyone, today I went to the supermarket, saw this beautiful dried fish, I bought a little back, ready to share a classic spicy dried fish, simple practice, special meal, the following operation.First of all, we will prepare the dried fish, find a bowl into the bowl, and then add a little tap water, put the dried fish in advance to soak it, let it soft, and then put aside.Next, we prepare some peeled garlic seeds, pat them, then chop them into rice, and put them in a bowl.Wash a little green pepper, cut it into shreds, not too much, prepare one to two green pepper is enough, and then wash the garlic leaves cut it into segments, put it in a bowl for later use.Clean a little bit of the spring onion, chop it up, put it in a bowl, chop a little bit of the ginger, the ingredients list is ready, and that’s it.Then start the pot to burn oil, add vegetable oil, heat it, put the bubble dried fish, fry the dried fish to it first, fry it a little bit dry, fry it to a little golden brown best, then push the dried fish to the side with a spoon, can also be filled out for use.Add garlic rice, ginger and green pepper, green onion, add a little light soy sauce, add a little dried red pepper, stir fry the ingredients to it, continue to stir fry it together, stir fry these side dishes to break raw, and then stir fry the dried fish together.As I do, is the most down-to-earth homely operation, I like to eat this dried fish, rely on this dish I can eat two or three bowls of rice.Next we put some dark soy sauce, to the dried fish to adjust the color, and then season, put salt, do not put too much, because the dried fish is very salty, add MSG, chicken essence, pepper, and then sprinkle a little oyster sauce.Stir fry the sauce evenly, then take a little light soy sauce, turn it upside down a few times, add a little tap water, let the dried fish fully absorb the flavor.Finally into the cut garlic, garlic fry it, add a little white vinegar, quickly stir even, out of the pot directly into the plate inside, a spicy dried fish so that the production is done, the old iron remember to praise and attention, the next period of food is more exciting.