Why doesn’t Durant lower his bar and consider dating a socialite?

2022-07-08 0 By

With Kyrie Irving on the road, James Harden on his way out, and the nets looking to start trade talks with the 76ers soon, it’s unclear if Durant will regret signing an extension with the nets early.So far, the Nets have lost seven games in a row. One interesting statistic is that no championship team in NBA history has lost seven games in a row in the regular season, which seems to be the death sentence for the Nets, and durant’s attempt to win a third title this season will be extremely difficult.Not just professionally, but romantically, durant hasn’t been in a relationship for a long time.As the NBA’s most eligible bachelor, Durant’s love life has been closely watched by fans. He rarely confesses his love life publicly, but when he does, he usually confesses it to celebrities.Durant’s initial public declarations of love for Scarlett johansson and his desire to get a taste of Johansson’s bath water, followed by his unsuccessful courtship of Rihanna and Adele, have upset many fans.In fact, Durant can certainly lower the bar. Just below the top actresses, there are the socialites, who are naturally beautiful and love NBA players, and they could make a match.Such as the current single women with kohler Kim kardashian, Kim kardashian, bursa, and so on, and they were ever associate with NBA players, so Kevin durant should be considered in their scope, but durant didn’t think so, for a long time, he never intersection, and any society, then, why don’t duran for lower demand consider associate with celebrities?First of all, Durant likes his current situation, he doesn’t want to be in a relationship and get married so soon. In a previous show, Durant talked about this topic, saying that he is immature and will consider a relationship and marriage in the future, but not right now.If he’s single, he doesn’t have to worry too much about it. Durant won’t give up a whole forest for a tree.And women may not be durant, as we all know, the society will become a socialite, because they are good at hype, as instruments of publicity, the emotion, of course, the other is the same, durant as a battle-hardened players, there are a lot of people around suffered by similar, so he knows that the way way, with a character of Kevin durant,He obviously doesn’t want to be a tool man, a tool for celebrities, which is one of the reasons why Durant has never been a fan of celebrities.