Ask friends to give directions below: Shanghai’s most popular scenic spots top five, such a row is reasonable?

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# # what are the attractions will go to Shanghai in Shanghai, you will never feel nothing to do, you can go to the bund amorous feelings, enjoy the night to the balance of road, xuhui district and hunan road to find the most beautiful years old house, the old lanes in Shanghai, feel the historical precipitation, or simply small endowment the thoroughly, also go inside tianzifang, xintiandi meditation, as time goes by.Hengshan Road Bar Street drinking carnival;These art warehouses look at the artistic charm of mixing Chinese and Western.Finally, don’t forget to the Oriental pearl tower, look to see if this cosmopolitan city a must-see attractions TOP51 Disney resort in mainland China’s first Disney theme park, take you into the fantasy of the fairy tale world Disney theme park 2 bund bund is the first trip to Shanghai, the bund buildings is Shanghai business card, the Oriental pearl TV tower at night must not miss here also contains sites:Shanghai Fengxian District Blue Sea Sands Taiwan Bank Building Huangpu River ferry Oriental Pearl Luxury Huangpu River cruise SHIP AR Virtual Experience Museum Cruise ship wharf 3 Shanghai Science and Technology Museum One of the best science and technology museums in China, the pavilion is divided into five main exhibition areas,Using a variety of high-tech equipment to show the charm of today’s science and technology for the public Shanghai Science and Technology Museum here also contains attractions:Space World Phantom Robot Manor, Yunjian, First Floor, Giant Screen Cinema, Exhibition Hall 1, Designer’s Cradle, Information Age, Human and Health Spider Exhibition, Vientiane Robot, World Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Sinking Square, Light of Wisdom square, Special Exhibition Hall, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Earth Home, Mass Culture and Art Museum, Relativity Theater, Youth Activity CenterShanghai Museum of Natural History Shanghai Museum of Natural History Chongming Island has beautiful natural environment and leisurely time on the island. Chongming Island also contains scenic spots:Hanshan temple Dongtan wetland park Yingzhou bicycle park theme park Xinhe culture square Dongping citizens Yangtze estuary Chinese sturgeon nature reserve base in the park Xinhe Christian churches Temple town of China Wing lung temple county-rural villagers jiang park High curtilage tsai park church fort town residents Yingyue (bicycle park Temple town green park The prosperous yuan shu new town public parkEverbright square Tang A cen tomb wuwei temple south gate landscape dike bright Ruihua orchard