Byd Han DM-I or listed in April, 200, 000 to buy it without loss

2022-07-09 0 By

In 2021, BYDBIHAN stole the show, holding up the sky outside BBA in the Domestic C-class market.Recently, we learned from relevant channels that THE DM-I model of BYD Han will also arrive.The biggest change is byd’s new DM-I plug-in hybrid system, which is much more fuel-efficient.It is reported that it is expected to open the pre-sale in late February, and is expected to be officially launched in early April, the price of the four-wheel drive version or between 220-300,000 yuan.The future will also launch a two-drive version of the car, the price is expected to be controlled within 200,000 yuan starting.From the exposure information, the new car adopts a new sports modeling, the NEDC endurance of the two-drive version is 121km and 242km versions, the four-drive model has a endurance of 202km, and the fuel consumption of 4-5L for one hundred kilometers of power loss.Because it is a DM-I model, the appearance of the new car is different from that of the modern Chinese model. The headlamp shape is different from that of the EV version, which adopts a new design with more distinct edges and corners.The hexagonal intake grille was retained, and the car’s front face was embellished with matte metal and chrome meshes to create a more luxurious feel.As a C-class car, THE long wheelbase of BYD Han DM-I reaches 2920mm.We can also see from the application information, the new car will be equipped with a special color brake calipers.The power side is the familiar DM-I system, a plug-in hybrid consisting of a 1.5T engine, an electric motor and a lithium-iron phosphate blade battery.This system is also carried in BYD Tang DM-I model, with a maximum engine power of 102kW and a maximum torque of 231N·m;The motor has a maximum power of 145kW and a maximum torque of 325N·m.In 2021, the annual cumulative sales of BYD Han exceeded 110,000 units, setting off a whirlwind in the C-class car market, while the arrival of HAN DM-I will further reduce the price, which is expected to further stimulate the sales of Han series.