Equipped with 1.0T engine, the guiding price is 125,900!Buick Ancora car maintenance cost is not high

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Buick Ancora is currently on the market a relatively young and fashionable small SUV, so there are some friends are going to start, so, its car cost is not high?This time we take the guidance price of 125,900 Angora 2020 15T automatic Enterprising model as an example to do the cost analysis of car maintenance.1, design elements: the appearance of young fashion, flying wing style in the net modeling with headlights on both sides, as well as the side waist line up, give a good vitality;The design of the interior is also good, and the spread wing layout echoing the appearance is also very characteristic, that is, the technology configuration is not strong.2. Space performance: Body length, width and height of 4295x1798x1607mm, wheelbase of 2570mm, positioning small SUV.The seat is made of fabric, the sitting feeling is moderate, the wrapping is good, the space in the back row is ok, my personal (173cm) leg allowance reaches nearly two fists after sitting down.3, power parameters: equipped with 1.0t three-cylinder engine, maximum power and maximum torque of 92kW(125Ps)/180N·m, matching with 6-gear automatic transmission, NEDC integrated fuel consumption (L/100km) of 5.5L.The comprehensive fuel consumption (L/100km) of Ancora’s NEDC is 5.5L, and according to my communication with some owners who have bought cars before, the average fuel consumption reported by them is about 7.5L. If the actual average fuel consumption is calculated, refer to the 92 gasoline price of 8.66 yuan/liter in Guangdong on March 26.In addition, the fuel cost for three years is 38,970 yuan, with an average annual cost of 12,990 yuan and a monthly average of 1083 yuan.Insurance premium price more related to the price and the choice of car body is planted, the official guidelines for 125900, for example, in accordance with the insurance and commercial insurance calculation, of which only consider the third party liability insurance business risk part (1 million), car loss danger, liability insurance in the third part of the personnel on the car, integrated several large insurance companies offer again,The cost for the first year is estimated at $4459.Assuming that there is no risk in the later period, the following two years will be calculated according to 70% discount, and the accumulated insurance amount for three years will be 10,701 yuan, with an average annual average of 3567 yuan and a monthly average of 297 yuan.The first maintenance of the Ancora is 5000km or 6 months, and subsequent maintenance is also every 5000km or 6 months.Among them, the conventional maintenance items are the replacement of engine oil and oil filter. When 20000 km, 40000 km and 60,000 km, there will be more maintenance items and the cost is relatively high. For details, please refer to the following table:Assuming that the maintenance project is carried out according to the above table, the actual estimated total cost of 60,000km in 3 years is 9415 yuan, with an annual average of 3,138 yuan and a monthly average of 262 yuan.It should be noted that the actual costs in different regions and stores may be different, and a sum of costs can be saved if the above items are checked without replacement. Therefore, the estimated maintenance costs above are for reference only.To sum up, if Hongqi H7 runs 60,000 kilometers in 3 years, the fuel cost is 38,970 yuan, the insurance cost is 10,701 yuan, and the maintenance cost is 9,415 yuan, totaling 59,086 yuan, with an average annual average of 19,695 yuan and a monthly average of 1,641 yuan.Such a car maintenance cost is more in line with expectations for a model with an actual terminal price of less than 100,000, after all, the current fuel cost is high, and if the annual mileage is relatively small, or in fuel-efficient driving is more powerful, then the actual car maintenance cost can be further reduced.