Former Premier League player: sad pogba suffers from depression, hope he gets better soon

2022-07-09 0 By

Manchester United star Paul Pogba has spoken about his bout with depression, saying it started when Jose Mourinho was in charge of the club.Former Premier League player Darren Ambrose told talkSPORT pogba’s story should be of concern to football.He told reporters: “To be honest, it’s not good news and I can understand pogba.Some people might say, man you’re getting 150,000 pounds a week, how can that even be depression?I don’t like to hear that, because when depression comes, money doesn’t mean anything.””I don’t think he was happy at Manchester United. He is a human being apart from football and he hears things like ‘Sir Alex doesn’t want him’ and that affects him, so every time he goes on the pitch he tries to show himself and prove them wrong.In fact, he is a great football player.””It’s refreshing for a player like Pogba to be open about suffering from depression, something you wouldn’t even have read about five years ago.He also knows that his comments will inevitably have negative repercussions, such is the world.To be honest I was a bit surprised when I heard about pogba’s comments at first because he didn’t look like he was suffering from depression on the pitch. Hopefully pogba will be able to develop for the better, although his comments are a bit sad.Ambrose, who played for Ipswich, Newcastle, Charlton and Crystal Palace, battled depression during his career and was helped by a psychologist.Ambrose said: “I have suffered from depression and I know footballers who have struggled with it.When I was playing for Charlton there was a time when I didn’t want to train with the team because of depression and I just wanted to stay in bed.I finally got over it with the help of my psychiatrist and my family, so seeing pogba’s words resonated with me and I felt really sad for him.”(Jaden)