Hearthstone: Mercenaries and The Art of War (7) Leigh and Sher (Eudora, Balinda)

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Text: will be between the enemy to me, so benefit, guide and give up, so can be used.We must search out the enemy’s spy who was sent to spy on our army, pay him a lot of money, induce him, and then let him back, so that “rebellion” can be used for us.– * with sun tzu “actual combat: BOSS: H5-4 cold drink ice machine hero: eudora, Linda, ze rilla, blademaster ex-roma defender walter Samuel are, take an examination of the stay, carrier mechanism of cold drink ice machine BOSS war more special, surrounding the dessert trucks, trucks singular round at the enemy, dual round turn to us, but to give the enemy a powerful buff.Because wagons will taunt the enemy when they intercept the BOSS attack, but when they are on our side, they will not be attacked, such as “between” infiltration, using the “anti” method, when we are full, you can directly destroy the wagons at the end of the first round.When there are no vans, the ice maker keeps casting milk side effects for 50 attacks and attacks an enemy, freezes the ice maker with secondary water elementals, eudora’s cover shot moves Balinda back to the backup, and calls secondary Water elementals again, otherwise uses the normal method until victory.BV1D3411E7gS