In the voice of coach Jia Xiuquan lamented: “I see more clearly…”

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Once upon a time, a sentence: no. 3 Sui Wave.Jia xiuquan’s name instantly spread throughout the football world. When Jia was coach, he was known as the first defender in Asia. However, after he became coach, he did not change the style of the stadium, that is, he spoke his mind and said what he had.And the Olympic Games, the achievement of the Chinese women’s horrible, just draw our own considered weaker teams of Zambia, in fact any team a qualification in the Olympic Games won’t be weaker teams, and loss of Brazil, lost to the Netherlands, humiliating score failed, after returning Gu Xiuquan received a lot of question and critique, also can saying is forced by the pressure of public opinion,Flew the class was over, in fact, the media and fans in the guide is not fair, because we only women’s volleyball team and women’s three big ball into the Olympic Games, and the achievement of women’s volleyball team is a crushing defeat, this phenomenon is a kind of cycle, the strength of Chinese women’s football now is like this, but unfortunately, we win the Asian cup to cover.Say ShuiQingXia is much higher than Gu Xiuquan level, there is no comparable, objectively speaking, only water met guidance team, strength is top, top are lucky I did not meet, such as Australia, Japan and the strength of the early than before, while South Korea jia guidance also beaten, the longitudinal comparison is meaningless, and, in fact,Qualifying for the Olympics is definitely more important than winning in Asia.After the women’s Asian cup title, the voice of the new criticism jia guidance emerge in endlessly, Mr Guidance or self-deprecating said he easily now, yes, is not easy now ShuiQingXia instruction, Chinese fans expectations of the women’s high, but our level is not high, and enter the world arena, show in the world is the true test of water guiding the important benchmark,But can she lead our girls to victory over Australia, over America, over Brazil, over Germany in the world?If you are not Jia, you do not know the difficulties of jia. Jia, who has no official, may really put aside the matter and have a clearer view of women’s football.