Monosodium glutamate, chicken essence to eat more will also increase the body burden

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Sugar and salt are common and indispensable flavoring agents, but excessive consumption can induce various health problems, increasing the risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis;Also can increase the burden of kidney, damage gastric mucosa.And “sugar addiction is worse than smoking”, too much sugar will accelerate aging, affect intelligence, damage eyesight, induce obesity…Although many people have started to consciously control their sugar and salt intake for the sake of health.But you know, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence put too much, also have adverse effects on the body.Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and chicken essence are often used in cooking to improve the flavor of fresh, and in order to increase the taste of food, many people like to put more.But some people think MSG can cause cancer, can’t eat, choose chicken essence better…Are these ideas right?1 chicken essence and MONOsodium glutamate, the main components are the same in terms of chemical composition, both are composed of monosodium glutamate, both have the effect of fresh flavor, the function difference is not big.The content of monosodium glutamate in chicken essence is less than monosodium glutamate, and on the basis of monosodium glutamate, chicken or chicken bone meal, spices, inosinic acid, guanylate acid, chicken flavor, starch and other substances are added to make it more delicious.Monosodium glutamate does not cause cancer, but eating too much is not good At temperatures above 120℃, monosodium glutamate will become pyromonosodium glutamate, but there is no evidence to prove its carcinogenicity, only will lose the umami taste.But although MONOsodium glutamate is non-toxic and harmless, it contains a lot of salt. If you eat monosodium glutamate without reducing the intake of salt and other sodium salts, it is easy to exceed the sodium standard.A high-sodium diet is linked to obesity and an increased risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.3 Correct use is safe ① Put glutamate sodium before the pot is not easy to dissolve at normal temperature, at 70℃ ~ 90℃ when the best solution, the most umami.Therefore, whether it is cooking, or stew soup, should not be prematurely put MSG, chicken essence, and should be put in the pot.② Add vinegar, not MSG in cooking sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour ribs, vinegar cabbage and other food, it is best not to put MSG, chicken essence.Because MSG is heated in acidic food, it is easier to produce sodium pyroglutamate, making dishes stale.The safe intake of glutamate for humans is 30 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day.For a healthy adult of 60 kg, this equates to no more than 1.8 grams per day.That’s about a third of a beer bottle cap.Peacetime cooking, can also add chicken juice soup, mushrooms and other fresh, reduce the use of MSG and other seasonings.It’s us again.The north Bund is on the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games!What do you know about these old stories?There will be a strong atmosphere for the Winter Olympics in Hongkou Business district. You can also experience snow sports in front of your door