Plot ridicule and analysis: God in ayanwa legend mission

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Silk Kingdom: Hyaline, inheriting the setting of the original China.But there is no silk in the game.A rice wife locks her kingdom.The primordial wave is reversed.In ancient China, agriculture was emphasized and commerce was suppressed, so my fictional world attached great importance to commerce. Not only that, BUT I also want to show riyue, the most developed of the seven kingdoms, as the country developed as a result of commercial development.The Qing dynasty was closed to the outside world, and I couldn’t make it glaze moon (for fear of being rushed), so I just pointed fingers at mulberry and cursed huai, just as Japan also had a period of isolation before.But closed in the way more like qing, such as treatment of foreign businessmen, higher taxes, only allowed foreigners in the outlying islands (13 line corresponds to guangzhou, only allowed to do business in guangzhou) I think how much the company is on the business environment does not have any complaint about the freedom, not only so, won’t be free many capital company in China, this problem is very complicated,And it’s hard to say where you stand, so skip it.By far the proudest cat in all tivat — Caesar.Ignore people + attack invalid, other cat cat will dodge, this is not straight to see my hateful!In addition, I took a picture of the smell of two grilled fish and the winter stove (southerners do not have floor heating……) when I went out for dinner today.Because I am an aristocrat, no other agency except thor’s direct subordinate has the right to enter and search my mansion.Ps: This Angle of The God in ayanwa is silly ah.It’s a shame god can say such a thing as if nothing had happened, such a neat thing to do at such a young age dain, Kaiya, Yanfei, Rain.Bushi these days, be bold to experiment.This is advice for myself, and advice for a lot of people.Others, however, advise restraint.The reason for Confucius to “teach students according to their aptitude” is “the golden mean”.In addition, the author mentions in the economics of milk coke an interesting case, generally are the most beautiful girl when you talk about PROM but may can not find a partner, because most of the male dancers in limited participation gay compared to assess their own score, think to invite the most beautiful prone to failure, and invite the girl dancing is very lose face rejection.In fact, I don’t want to…(did not expect here is a foreshadowing) have that kind of boudoir big miss flavor inexplinexplable thought of snow snow is, the results to see Ling Hua day with CV, early see sand weave, big miss professional door belongs to is, really have your Miha tour.Translate this sentence to foreign service players, any book of mountains and Seas is a treasure house of learning without paying copyright fees.In “Zuo Zhuan · Ding Gong Ten Years”, it is mentioned that “The descendants did not plan for the summer, and the foreigners did not mess with China”. Kong Yingda said: “The summer was great.China has the etiquette of the big, so called summer;The beauty of the service chapter is called China.Hua and Xia yi also.”As great as China has been exporting culture to the surrounding nations, we have not attacked them with their rudeness and backwardness, but opened our country to the outside world and enlightened them greatly. With all our sophistication and excellence, we may have words, clothes and manners in all countries and barbarians.This cultural output ability is very strong, in today’s world of South Korea, Japan, southeast Asia, the imprint of the profound Chinese culture can be seen, this is not just, the judgment of the story of the literary world, many European and American multinational companies and business organizations, will also set up such business concept of “greater China” to avoid political disputes.This is actually a kind of economic and cultural regional classification in the eyes of Western Europe and America, and capital is the most sensitive.How is double personality ah?If tuo, Thor, it seems that there are broken ya yi, Qiyana, etc., and journey to the West, etc., are used rotten, all kinds of martial arts novels are also used, Miha swim also love to use.Dual personality is actually very shocking set, and easy to use, easy to wash the role, especially the story creation level is general, with dual personality or even multiple personality set can make up for the plot logic errors.So much so that the dual personality is now tired of watching, it feels like a tool used to get rid of responsibility.But here with dual personality pour also say past – because it is for the inner expression of the noble lady in god linghua service, let us see different from the treatment of outsiders when the God Ayanwa.But this dish does get a little sappy.I don’t want to talk about it anymore.Ordinary people have steelyard in mind.”The minimum and only necessary wage is the cost of living during the working period, plus the cost to enable the worker to support his family and keep his race alive.The usual wage, according to Smith, is the minimum wage appropriate to the “common man,” that is, the animal state of existence.”If supply greatly exceeds demand, some of the workers will become beggars or starve to death.The worker’s existence is thus reduced to the condition of the existence of any other commodity. The worker becomes a commodity, and he is lucky if he can find a buyer.””Millions of people can earn enough to eke out a living only by strenuous work that harms the body and malforms the moral and intellectual faculties, and they are even obliged to consider their misfortune in finding such work as a blessing.”All above are excerpted from Manuscript 1844 compiled by the Marnilles Compilation and Translation Bureau, partly from Marx’s second paraphrases.Create surplus labor, so that the initiative is in the hands of the capital.Piper, you gotta grow up quentin doesn’t recognize you with glasses, does he?I wanted to ask the same question, but the owner later explained that he thanked me for copying the recipe for grilled mushroom pizza to his friend for free.Foreshadowing.What is the dialogue here?She’s going to start!”Please, take a good look at me” (galgame strategy success both visual sense, although I are cloud fast forward customs clearance) thank Ling Hua, ye finally not dumb, good yeah!