The Chinese women’s football team won the gold medal!Number 10 is Zizifu

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The title!The title!The title!Chinese women’s football team, good job!Zhang Rui of Zhifu wears the no.10 jersey during the second half of the Women’s Asian Cup after China defeated South Korea 3-2 in the final at 19:00 on February 6, 2018.”This child is smart and has a very good sense. She plays football with her brain. I have taken her for seven or eight years.Zhang Rui’s enlightenment coach Zhifu Sports school vice president Sheng Li deeply touched.”Zhang Rui likes playing football since he was a child. He plays football with a group of boys in the courtyard of the agricultural Technology Center all day long. All the neighbors know this kid who loves playing football…”Zhang’s father, Zhang Xiaohua, recalled happily, “The old neighbors in the college came to congratulate me when they saw that she had made the national team and performed so well.”When reading in nanshan Primary school, Zhang Rui always begged his father to buy her a football, Zhang Xiaohua said: “You study hard, good grades, I will buy for you!”As a result, small Zhang Rui as expected took an examination of very good, Zhang Xiaohua excited, bought her the first football in life.So, after school, Zhang Rui went crazy to play.”She just likes football, because the physical quality is good, the fifth grade of primary school was selected by the sports school, the teacher intends to let her practice track and field, can practice for two or three days, she went home to tell me that she wants to practice football, so, they embarked on the professional road of football.”Zhang xiaohua said.It is understood that zhang Rui’s mother did not agree with her to practice soccer at first because of her good academic performance, but she reluctantly agreed.In 2006, zhang Rui won the second place in the provincial National Games in Yantai on behalf of yantai team.At the end of that year, she had been a lot of professional team in August first team.The following year, zhang Rui became the main force in the National Women’s Football League.With his outstanding performance in the league, Zhang entered the National Youth League at the end of 2007 and participated in a series of world competitions.In the 2008 World Youth Championships in Chile, she played as the main defensive midfielder and scored the first goal for China in the match against the United States.In the guangzhou Four Nations and The Algarve Cup at the beginning of 2009, she was selected for the national team and appeared as the main substitute.In 2014, Zhang Rui won the third place in the Asian Cup in Vietnam on behalf of China Women’s Football Team.In the same year, he scored three goals in the last six minutes of the Brazilian Women’s Soccer Invitational against Argentina to complete a hat trick.In 2015, the fifth place of The Women’s Football World Cup in Canada;The fifth place in 2016 Rio Olympic Games;In 2017, he was awarded the title of “International Athlete” by the General Administration of Sport of China.Won the second place in Indonesia Asian Games in 2018;Represented The Chinese women’s Football team at the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France…Source: Zhifu Sports School