The Social organization of The People’s Volunteers has acted bravely in the fight against the epidemic

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Under the epidemic, Zaozhuang is in a race of “speed and time”.In the battle against COVID-19, social organizations at all levels in Zaozhuang actively responded to the call, acted quickly and actively, participated in the epidemic prevention and control work in accordance with the law and in an orderly manner, and contributed to resolutely winning the battle against the epidemic.Up to now, 3780 people from 67 social organizations have participated in the anti-epidemic work, assisting 210 communities to carry out nucleic acid testing and serving 37,000 people.Assisting in epidemic prevention and eradication of 40,000 square meters;Some social organizations opened a psychological counseling line on duty 24 hours a day to answer questions, and provided free psychological counseling services for minors and their parents in the city, demonstrating the dedication and responsibility of social organizations at special times and critical moments.Strengthen self-discipline, and demonstration leading construction industry association of zaozhuang, civil engineering society of zaozhuang jointly issued initiative, suggest the city construction enterprise to be in combination with the practical situation of engineering construction field and characteristics of the construction site and service workers control and protection, make sure to do system, comprehensive prevention and control measures are strict careful, scientific and accurate control level.Zaozhuang Real Estate Association and Zaozhuang Real Estate Agency Industry Association issued an Urgent Notice on the Current Epidemic Prevention and control work, requiring all units to quickly formulate emergency plans for epidemic prevention and control and comprehensively carry out epidemic prevention and control work in accordance with the principle of top-down and division of responsibilities.The member units of Zaozhuang Property Management Association promptly organized party members and cadres to serve the front line, played the role of the party branch and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, dared to take responsibility, set an example, and responded scientifically to complete the epidemic prevention and control work in an all-round way.Zaozhuang Golf Association, Zaozhuang Fishing Association based on the actual situation of the epidemic, issued the most beautiful “volunteer red” initiative, calling on members to do a good job in their own protection, actively cooperate with the government epidemic prevention and control work.The Shangshan Social Work Service Center of Tengzhou city organized 25 volunteers to help residents in Jinhewan community to log in to the Healthy Zaozhuang Cloud and obtain nucleic acid scan codes, thus contributing to epidemic prevention and control.Warm su Yang social work service center as a su minors protection demonstration base, the first time start the online help epidemic prevention and control of mental health consulting group, opened 24-hour counseling assistance hotline, online answer by professional psychological consultant, for the city of minors and parents will offer free psychological counseling services, to ensure that the service does not close.Offline, Party members played a pioneering role, and 48 social workers and volunteers actively participated in and cooperated with each other to build a solid barrier for epidemic prevention and control.Social workers assist residents to register information, make an appointment in advance, and inquire about test results. Volunteers maintain the order of nucleic acid sites to ensure the efficient conduct of information registration and nucleic acid testing.Su yi xin development of social work service center group of 26 no social workers and volunteers to tinghe street street community, to help medical staff personnel information registration, maintain the order, remind everybody one-meter line distance protection, take mouth-muffle, complete WeChat register, fill out the information to help the old man, patience for community residents to solve various problems encountered in the process of detection.Su and social work service center of group social work in tong sheng garden in 27 nucleic acid sampling points, with street staff, medical staff, community workers, volunteers and completes the total nucleic acid detection the propaganda launch, to assist the community residents, registration and registration form code, maintaining the order of nucleic acid detection field, evacuation gathered crowds, etc.To ensure the smooth progress of nucleic acid testing, and strive to practice the spirit of social work.In addition, tengzhou City and the Social work Service Center, as a demonstration base for the protection of minors in Tengzhou, opened a family education service hotline to timely answer questions about family education affected by the epidemic.Nearly 100 volunteers from Xuecheng District Warm Yang Volunteer Association joined the volunteer service team for epidemic prevention and control, helping the second round of nucleic acid testing for all staff in Xuecheng District.Respectively, some volunteers to yongxing, xiyuan, beautiful sunshine, guoco beauty shop village, large community, six furnace in volunteer service activities, such as lead community residents use a mobile phone on “health zaozhuang cloud”, the old id CARDS and mobile phone number to register personal information, statistical nucleic acid testing personnel list and one by one into the computer, soothe the mood,Use loudspeakers to summon community personnel to conduct nucleic acid tests.Xuecheng District Sunshine Social work Service Center actively organized 27 volunteers to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work, went into the community to assist staff to publicize the importance of nucleic acid testing and personal protection knowledge to the masses, and do a good job in the field of nucleic acid testing personnel and information registration and input..20 xuechengqu XiZhong social work service center actively organize 17 volunteers into the community to assist the community grid member to the masses propaganda the importance of a nucleic acid detection, completes the nucleic acid detection field personnel guidance and information to register entry, at the same time cooperate with medical personnel entering a follow-up of 276 person-time, cooperate with the community to focus on regional traffic control management and service work.The Charity Federation of Xuecheng District organized more than 40 volunteers and charity workers to enter the community to assist them in checking the “three code” and registering nucleic acid tests.The “Xuecheng Charity Network platform” was used for public fundraising, and more than 6000 yuan of fundraising funds were handed over to the district epidemic Prevention Headquarters for overall management and use.Zaozhuang Xingguang Love Volunteers Association and Xuecheng District New Social class people’s Association organized 26 volunteers to assist community staff in the capital community of Xuecheng District to conduct nucleic acid testing, maintain order, conduct “three-code” inspection at the community gate, take body temperature, and do a good job in the registration during the epidemic.The Blue Sky rescue Team of Zaozhuang High-tech Zone and the Blue Sky rescue team of Xuecheng District jointly carried out elimination operations in public areas such as garbage disposal stations, public toilets and nucleic acid sampling points in the high-tech Zone and xuecheng District.The operation involved 2 engineering vehicles, which took 10 hours and consumed 15 kilograms of disinfectant, covering a total area of 40,000 square meters.Fengming Volunteer Service Center of Xucheng District actively participated in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, gave full play to the advantages of stationed in the community and close contact with the masses, and organized 37 volunteers to quickly put into the nucleic acid testing support work.By conducting “three-code” inspection at the gate of the community, taking the body temperature and organizing community residents to take nucleic acid tests in an orderly manner, xuecheng District made its contribution to epidemic prevention and control.Twenty volunteers from The Yiyunshan Love Volunteer Service Center in Shanting District assisted the headquarters to complete the transformation of the isolation point. They marked the student goods in the student apartment and moved them to the designated place to create a isolation point in case of emergency.Shuguang Social Work Service Center of Zaozhuang actively participated in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, gave full play to the advantages of stationed in the community and close contact with the masses, and assisted more than 30 households of special groups in household testing.In wing on epidemiological follow-up work, actively assist the government work overtime one by one, the clock on key areas of foreign personnel flow, review, verification and timely input management system, establish a follow-up object information registration, ensure timely follow-up tasks “reset”, service times, nearly ten thousand times the service hours accumulated 2400 hours, promote power and epidemic prevention measures.The Junli Youth Public Welfare Development Center and the Youth Volunteers Association of Central City recruited 227 volunteers and organized three volunteer teams to assist staff in nucleic acid testing at seven nucleic acid testing sites in central City and carry out elimination work in key places.For children in Hope Hut, the association organized volunteers to investigate the needs of children during the epidemic, and actively cooperated with social caring enterprises to help children solve problems such as difficulties in online classes and lack of epidemic prevention materials during the epidemic.The Qingtan Social Work Service Center of Zaozhuang organized six social workers to guide the residents waiting for the nucleic acid test at the entrance and exit of Shibei Community, Guangming Road street, Central District of The city, and reminded them to wear masks, pay attention to the one-meter line, avoid crowding, and do not jump the queue.In the registration area, assist residents to input information and remind residents of matters needing attention, ensure close cooperation between all links and improve the efficiency of nucleic acid testing.Yicheng Zhizhao social work Service Center actively engaged in the second yicheng nucleic acid test, and organized 6 volunteers to help the residents register in the social work service station in Tanshan street to promote the nucleic acid test progress.Yipingzhen Charity Association established 62 volunteer service teams for epidemic prevention and control in Yipingzhen, shandong Province, and recruited 337 volunteers to 57 collection and detection sites to carry out volunteer service activities such as checkpoint guard, mass mobilization, on-site order maintenance, nucleic acid testing registration, etc., to facilitate nucleic acid testing in yipingzhen.