To solve the financing problem of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, Shandong Agricultural Support Tai ‘an Management Center to boost rural revitalization

2022-07-09 0 By

In shandong province this year, credit guarantee agricultural development co., LTD Tai’an City management center to the gripper of the reform of rural financial supply side structural, adhere to the policy orientation, deepen the agricultural, zheng, silver, cooperation, and strive to focus on grain cultivation, seed industry revitalization, soybean oil and other key industries, set up special product landing team, set up the party members’ ways of service, devoting to the countryside,We will go from village to household to farm, and vigorously support grain cultivation and the development of village-level party organizations’ cooperatives.Solid promote farming village credit loans, strong, pig breeding, qilu enriching people borrow key products such as loan to carry out the ground, to build the batch for the guest, precise marketing, independent risk control core competitiveness, with the minimum cost and maximum efficiency, maximum leverage financial capital flowing into the “three rural” areas, crack “three rural” financing problem effectively, to boost rural revitalization,Promote high-quality agricultural development in the Yellow River basin.As of March 31, Shandong Agricultural guarantee for Tai ‘an city added 1923 projects, the new guarantee amount of 1.108 billion yuan;The number of insured projects reached 7,956, with a balance of 4.449 billion yuan.A total of 12,669 projects have been guaranteed, with a total amount of 6.88 billion yuan.Shandong farmers bear Tai’an City management center will continue to coagulation casting heart soul, energetic endeavor, to boost the country revitalization of high quality agricultural development as the center of gravity and the Yellow River, adhere to the strategic thinking, creative thinking, dialectical thinking, the rule of law thinking, the bottom line of thinking, pays special attention to the optimization of stock, the steady expansion of increment, control risk, promote mutual platform construction, speed up the digital transformation.We should adhere to the principle of running more by ourselves and letting the masses run fewer errands.Carry out solid customer direct, focus on key products do not relax, pay close attention to the implementation of the service plan, so that rural services to villages, rural support warmth to households.