Weng ‘an: promote complaints and visits at the grass-roots level to prevent and resolve conflicts

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In recent years, weng ‘an county bureau set up as a group bao village, village township, township county’s work ethic, the primary source as the focus of the complaint reporting handling office, through strengthening compaction complaint reporting responsibilities at the grass-roots level, strengthening compaction first meet do responsibility, strengthening methods such as play a role of linkage mechanism, vigorously promote letters and disputes in primary prevention.We will strengthen the responsibility of handling complaints and visits at the grassroots level and prevent complaints and visits at the source.Strict implementation of the villages and towns (street) leading read the letter and do the online petition, regular reception of the system, and regularly to the village (house) circuit JieFang system resolve complaint problem, package case system, make the “one center a net ten partnerships” this carrier, establish village (community) in mediation room, ventricular, the complaint reporting responsibility to further compaction compaction at the local level.Pays special attention to the system of joint meeting mechanism is perfect, regular meeting research, deployment, coordination, guidance and supervision of the local complaint reporting work, analysis of reporting the situation, judge in consultation with major matters, the first time found that, the first time in resolving all kinds of disputes and a complaint reporting at the scene of the first to solve the problem, realize not “small village”, really ensure the complaint center of gravity down, mark moved forward,Effective prevention.Strengthen compaction first to do the first responsibility, the good standard handling.Taking the standardized construction of public reception as an opportunity, the four aspects of reception venues, reception processes, reception personnel and supporting systems should be upgraded, and cadres of letters and visits from towns and townships (streets) should be selected to study with the county class.In strict accordance with the guizhou province early on further strengthening the letter’s visit to the matters dealt with in the early work of implementing measures (trial) “, the guizhou province dealt with a complaint reporting matter to accept the job specification “” guizhou matters review review method” regulation, such as the specification of matters to deal with receive reception, registration entry, accept and reply to inform, do meet with the complainant all,We will form a “one-stop” service and a “package” solution to solve problems, effectively protect the people’s rights and interests to voice their complaints in accordance with the law, and promote the goal of “allowing people to make at most one visit”.We will strengthen the role of linkage mechanisms and handle customs affairs in accordance with the law.Integrated use of the “three in place a process”, to carry out the visit before the mediation, the industry professional mediation, administrative mediation and judicial mediation join the work mechanism of linkage, give full play to the weng ‘an “have something good to discuss” the education association, mediation, counseling, assistance and support role, timely and effective to carry out the agent, the handling of complaint reporting to a mediation, letters and visits into the v, involved in handling the hearing, etc.We will take comprehensive measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people and solve practical difficulties according to the time, place, person and situation, so as to realize the dual solution of complaint and visiting people.We should give full play to the role of the linkage mechanism in command and dispatch, information sharing, resource integration and work linkage, promote a good order of letters and visits, and maintain overall social stability.Extend the front line to build a solid grassroots petition work high-quality development to resolve conflicts and disputes the forefront of the establishment of the village community.Carry out the “zero petition demonstration towns (streets), villages (communities)” to establish activities, strengthen demonstration guidance, determine a number of towns (streets) and villages (communities) with better conditions in proportion as the focus of demonstration to promote, through one basic demonstration “cell” to drive the demonstration work of the district.As an opportunity to create, make full use of the “one center, one network, ten joint households” this carrier, the first time to find, resolve, the first site to solve all kinds of conflicts and disputes and letters and visits, to achieve the “small things do not go out of the village”.The practical platform of overall planning, dispatch and command of letters and visits has been extended to towns and townships (streets).Through comprehensive coordination, organization, promotion, supervision and implementation, the joint meeting mechanism for the handling of letters and visits has been adopted to strengthen the Party’s leadership over the handling of letters and visits.Party and government leaders at all levels regularly received, arranged visits, and made visits to the people, effectively resolving prominent complaints.We will encourage towns and townships to establish a joint meeting mechanism for handling letters and visits, and solve the problems of “the last mile” of responsibility for handling letters and visits in towns and townships (and sub-districts), “idle” handling of letters and visits, and “going it alone”.In accordance with the requirements of “four relatives, four guarantees” and “one case, one specialized team”, we promptly and effectively resolved the outstanding complaint and visit cases assigned by the central government, provinces and prefectures.Take the operation system that layers upon layers of grasping implement as the hard task of grassroots leading cadres.We will actively promote the establishment and improvement of the working mechanism of letters and visits in towns and townships, and promote a “chess game” of letters and visits.The responsibilities of the secretaries of the party (industry) committees of towns and townships should be clearly defined as “the first person in charge”, the responsibilities of leaders in charge of leadership should be clearly defined, and the responsibilities of other leaders should be clearly defined as one post and two posts, so as to form an operation system of one level and one level of implementation.The main battlefield of resolving conflicts is directly placed in the front line and the most basic level, so as to realize the working pattern of letters and visits in towns from passive response to active response, from single fight to joint fight, and gather strength to carry out special solutions to key letters and visits.To display the “combination of fist” to handle people’s demands and build convenient petition service center.Through the effective integration of resources, innovation mechanism, standard system procedures, in the county mass work center set up more than 10 public service Windows, such as housing, transportation, land.Through the integration of county people’s petition service center, county comprehensive governance center, “have something good to discuss” association, industry professional mediation organization centralized office, to achieve “one-stop reception processing, one-stop handling, package to solve the problem”, the quality and efficiency of service to the masses have been effectively improved.Since 2022, China has quickly received and settled over 100 cases of complaints and complaints, with the mediation rate reaching 100 percent, truly serving the people as a bridge and window.We will strengthen coordinated implementation of the petition work.Weng ‘an County letters and visits linkage work headquarters was established, forming a county, township, village three linkage letters and visits mediation work pattern.Adjust and strengthen the county petition to maintain stability linkage work, the establishment of Wengan county to prevent and resolve major risks (petition to maintain stability) headquarters office, 1 county leading cadres and towns (streets), 19 people in the department of normal centralized office, daily closely staring at the people reflect strong people’s livelihood demands to carry out supervision supervision work.We have set up 20 special working groups in these fields to conduct regular investigations into prominent complaints and visits in these fields, and carry out intensive analysis, research and judgment, sorting out, screening and resolving such problems.In order to eliminate risks and hidden dangers in time, the establishment of the “double hand over, double supervision, double ledger, double sales number” work pattern.Since 2022, China has handled more than 30 complaint and visit cases assigned by the central government, provinces and prefectures, with 100% of the cases completed on schedule.Efforts will be made to build an online petition service platform.Relying on the Internet, the government has integrated a comprehensive business system for letters and visits, accepted people’s online appeals in a unified manner, handled people’s complaints in a timely manner, collected people’s opinions and suggestions through multiple channels, promptly responded to people’s concerns, and actively solved their problems.Since 2022, the government has handled more than 50 online complaints and visits quickly, with a timely acceptance rate, timely completion rate, and response rate of 100 percent, further improving people’s satisfaction.Correspondent Huang Weiwei editor Lu Taiming editor Zhang Carry forward