What condition does person society open to traffic receive unemployed insurance gold to need?

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What condition does get unemployed insurance gold need?Mp302:24 From Yongzhou Radio, focusing on people’s livelihood and employment. Welcome to “People and Social Services” jointly broadcast by Yongzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Yongzhou News Comprehensive Radio. Hello, everyone, I’m Weilan.We all know that we usually pay one of the social security is unemployment insurance, but when it comes to how to receive unemployment insurance, many people are confused, today we will ask, to see if anyone knows.Reporter: Hello, do you know to get unemployed insurance gold to need what condition?Citizen 1: What kind of insurance?No buy no buy…..Reporter: look be to regard me as sell insurance of, have no matter, let again change individual to ask……Do you know what it takes to get business insurance?Citizen 2: unemployment insurance, I know, is to be unemployed……Reporter: Nothing seems to be wrong with it. Anything else?Citizen 2: did not have this……Although unemployed insurance gold is safeguard unemployed personnel, but also not all unemployed personnel can get oh, satisfy what condition ability to get unemployed insurance gold?Today please our “knowledge” to tell you about it.Unemployed personnel gets unemployed insurance gold, need to satisfy 3 conditions commonly: it is before unemployed unit of choose and employ persons and him already pay unemployed insurance premium is full one year;Discontinue employment for reasons other than his own will;The third is that unemployment has been registered, and there are job requirements.I would like to remind you that a unified national online application for unemployment insurance benefits has been opened. Unemployed people can apply for unemployment insurance benefits through the National Social insurance public Service platform or electronic social security cards.