A review of the recent “nucleic acid testing”

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Good morning and good evening.There have been repeated outbreaks recently.To reduce the risk of cryptic coronas, everyone is responsible for nucleic acid testing.To protect ourselves and others.But even such serious matters can produce some interesting scenes.Add a bit of fun to the boring detection scene.It also proves that life is full of surprises.This is an actor who has just finished shooting a propaganda video for epidemic prevention in the Qinling Mountains Office.The nucleic acid test happens to be in the plaza of their theater.Also in line with the need to “do nucleic acid on the spot”, the actor will wear a costume, with a “servant” to do nucleic acid.Very interesting.On the way, the “servant” also took photos of the “King” as a souvenir.2, “Tang Monk and his disciples” as nucleic acid testing point in Xianyang, Shaanxi, surprised “Tang Monk and his disciples”.They’re also lining up for nucleic acid.Among them, pig eight quit doing nucleic acid, but also shy to cover his mouth, the nurse laughed.This is the cast of Journey to the West.I came here to perform.Due to the tight time, nucleic acid report needs 48 hours, so I pretended to take the next day’s test.Some net friends jokingly said: “It’s more difficult on the way to get scriptures”, “where is Sand Monk?Has he been quarantined?”Remarkably, the cast never gave up on their dream.For more than ten years, I have been hoping to make a journey to the West that the audience loves.And keep working on it.May their dreams come true soon!On December 8 last year, THE CCTV News Studio was broadcasting the nucleic acid testing in Manzhouli. To everyone’s surprise, we found an interesting “fish-head man” in the testing team.Perhaps because of the cold weather, he waited while “disco dancing”.He is a student in grade five in primary school. He is eleven years old.He didn’t actually know there was a camera on him.It was only when his classmates sent him the video that he learned that his “disco dance performance” had been seen by the whole country.Remarkably, the reason he wore the fish-head mask was because he saw that the testing staff were tired and wanted them to relax.This heart-warming scene happened in Shenzhen, a bride in a new dress appeared in the nucleic acid team.Knowing it was her wedding day, community workers made a special “green passage” for her.She finished the test in about ten minutes.Under normal procedure, her turn would have taken about an hour.Because it was during the pandemic, her subsequent marriage ceremony was very simple.But she has the blessing of the whole city.These cute and interesting drawings were made by Zheng Lin, a doctor in Henan Province.In order to make the test children less afraid, he specially painted cartoon characters on the back of colleagues’ protective clothing.Pull into the distance with the children, let them no longer have the emotion of resistance.Some children will ask to take photos with them after finishing nucleic acid.He painted the East Olympics mascot on the back of his protective suit.Zheng believes that the epidemic will soon be over through the persistence of the Chinese people.6, magpies do nucleic acid “all things have spirit”.In Fangchenggang, Guangxi, a magpie also appeared in the queue for nucleic acid tests.When it was his turn, he jumped onto the test table and opened his mouth to let the nurse put a cotton swab into his mouth.The scene was hilarious.Some said it saw the nurse repeatedly sticking a white cotton swab into a person’s mouth, perhaps thinking she was handing out bugs.However, before that, when black-headed gulls from Russia and other places arrived in Kunming for the winter, the staff did collect 200 throat swabs for nucleic acid tests.Here or to remind you again, do nucleic acid to protect themselves, but also to protect others, is the obligation of each of us should do.Let us work together to end the epidemic one day earlier.Finally, I wish you all a healthy New Year!