Can alkaline water cure a disease?Don’t be fooled

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“For health, drink alkaline water.”This is the marketing slogan of the Kunming water enterprise “Shilin Tianwaitian” Natural beverage Co., LTD.In the official website of this enterprise, the reporter saw that the homepage of “alkaline life every day, new way of quality life” and other slogans can be seen everywhere, and also set up columns to introduce alkaline water and health series of popular science, alkali treatment and other related content, in the form of small videos to declare the treatment effect of alkaline water on diseases.(According to CCTV financial report on March 28) although alkaline water can “cure” and “acid and alkali constitution theory” health scam has been exposed, but the tree is calm but the wind is not broken, there are still enterprises in the market to promote products with the concept of alkaline water.Moreover, in order to enhance the credibility of the company, the company also published some so-called “curative effect” videos on its official account, in which patients appeared to describe how gout attacks were significantly reduced and uric acid levels dropped significantly after drinking the company’s alkaline water.Fortunately, in response to the publicity of the above enterprises, the local market supervision department also investigated the enterprises involved in the first time, and removed the products involved from the shelves. Currently, the relevant evidence is being studied and judged.It is worth paying attention to that alkaline water brands and enterprises under the banner of “effective” and “cure” are not one or two.In the report, the reporter visited the market found that pH 8-9, small molecules for pregnancy water, low sodium low sugar and other propaganda concepts are multifarious, dazzling, fog in the clouds.Consumers’ lack of vigilance and health awareness is not entirely to blame for falling into the trap of over-marketing.Some unscrupulous enterprises, the use of attractive advertising language, charming packaging, intentionally or unintentionally hit the “edge ball”, lead to suggest that consumers know the so-called alkaline water on the relevant diseases have “treatment” effect.Words full of temptation, is catching people’s pursuit of healthy fashion consumer psychology.Exaggerating the concept of publicity and hype, some enterprises seem to make money at the moment, but in the long run, it has a negative impact on the reputation of the product and the prospect of the enterprise.There is nothing wrong with business brand marketing, wine is also afraid of alley deep, objective and rational moderate marketing to expand product visibility, broaden sales of course.But if enterprises abandon the root, only pay attention to the taste of the concept of marketing, but ignore the improvement of product quality, will eventually only lift a rock to hit their own feet, outweighs the loss.And China’s advertising law is clear, health food advertisements shall not contain “claims or guarantees of efficacy and safety” “involving disease prevention and treatment functions” and other content.In any case, alkaline water can “cure” is a false proposition, should not confuse the public and harm the interests of consumers.To stop the unhealthy trend of excessive marketing and false publicity, in addition to self-discipline of enterprises and vigilance of consumers, market supervision is more necessary. Special attention should be paid to “pseudoscientific marketing”, and more targeted rectification measures should be actively introduced to continuously increase the illegal cost of false publicity, so as to ensure that laws must be followed and violations of laws must be prosecuted.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: