Chen Xiao, Liu Yifei new play to pick up the file “mirror Twin Cities”, Yang Mi, Xu Kai sister and brother love, new midday

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Since February is around the time of the Winter Olympics, there are plenty of other shows on the air right now.<Wei menghua record & gt;, the main men and women are Chen Xiao, Liu Yifei, I believe that in the eyes of many people, they are also god yan, just look at the face let a person blood surging!It is said that the show will be picked up.Mirror the twins & gt;, Liu Yifei, Chen Xiao is indeed yan Ba, now see the plot, if the plot pull cross, the name of the feudal society women inspirational theme, but in the strange strange content, it is really terrible.<Wei menghua record & gt;Adapted from Guan Hanqing’s Yuan Qu Words <Zhao Paner fengyue Save prostitution & GT;, told about Zhao Paner, Song Yinzhang and Sun Sanniang 3 people, after experiencing difficult step, a variety of tribulations, 3 sisters managed small teahouse eventually bianjing the largest restaurant.The heroine of the original work is a prostitute, which was obviously changed in the play, but the core of the story is still the bottom of the female independence, fighting with the upper class, together to support each other.The director has also made & LT;The night & gt;The scriptwriter is a big female main script professional, to a stable play.<Wei menghua record & gt;In the trailer, whether it’s the shot, the color or the costume, it’s pretty good. Finally, it’s not dishevelled.Lin Yun acting is not to see what, Liu Yan’s shape is special <Edge off little kitchen maid & GT;The feeling, the actors original praise, or very looking forward to this play.<20 laws of love >, Yang Mi, Xu Kai staged younger sister and younger brother love, big sister and puppy set, however, the play is important or acting and plot, if the main emotional line, it also depends on CP sense and men and women get along in the end is sugar or saccharin.The play tells the story of elite lawyer Qin Shi and senior otaka Yang Hua, two people were married by a strange combination of circumstances, but the unexpected harvest of true love, hand in hand to the story of a happy life.A look is the kind of pre-marriage love, be bored with crooked.However, in the trailer, the interaction between the two main characters is ok. They hug and kiss on the bathroom table and wash their feet together. It seems that Yang Mi is more suitable for this modern beauty with red lips than playing ancient costume.As for Xu Kai, he plays the role of jumping off will be very grandiose, play the role of fierce easy to appear greasy and cup, deep feeling serious, introverted personality set more suitable for him.The plot will definitely touch on the workplace, whatever the proportion, hopefully not too suspended.<Meet time >, produced by “noon sunshine”, noon production, will be a boutique, director Jane chuan 訸, once directed <Are both good & gt;This drama is expected to be on Star Double TV, starring Lei Jiayin, Yuan Quan and Zhang Yixing. If nothing else, the ratings and quality will be guaranteed.There are also scripts.Meet time >Adapted from a novel by Anai.Falling flower season & GT;What are the author’s previous works?<Ode to joy & gt;, & lt;Are both good & gt;, & lt;Great Rivers go East & GT;(Adapted from TV series & LT;Great Rivers >, and this TV adaptation, is also her own knife.Look at the trailer, all the family feud, the slap fight, yeah, kind of funny.In addition, there are Zhao Liying, Luo Jin starring <Happiness to ten thousand >.Guan Xiaotong, Zhao Lusi, CAI Wenjing, Hou Minghao, Lin Yi, Liu Huan starring & LT;Hutong & gt;.Is the main story about women, then the main plot to see the content, can poke in you, now a little look forward to it!One of the must-see TV shows for the Spring Festival is.In the world & gt;The TV series is adapted from liang Xiaosheng’s original work.In the world & gt;, the book has won the 10th MAO Dun Literature Prize, its content can be seen, look at the lineup, a lot of acting.Do not know from what time, the era of idol screen in the past slowly, now it is already the heaven of drama!