Students who have worked in Xi ‘an for 7 years said frankly that they were too tired to go home for the Spring Festival

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Today, I had a meeting with my classmate, Lao Zhang. During the lockdown of the city, we had a chat. Lao Zhang said that he would not go home for the Spring Festival this year, so I suggested that we have dinner together before the Spring Festival.Lao Zhang and I were college classmates. We both graduated in 2014. By the end of last year, we had graduated almost seven years ago.According to the average person’s career planning, it is estimated that this age should have already married, bought a house and bought a car?Zhang, who is now in his 30s, still rents a house and once owned a car, but sold it a few years ago because he felt there was not much room to drive alone, either for work or life.What kind of person would you think of a young man in his thirties who works regularly without a house or a car and receives a moderate salary every month?I may say that he is a down-to-earth person at best, but I also believe that many people would say that he is not ambitious, or some worse words.In fact, Lao Zhang often uses this kind of words to make fun of himself, but I think Lao Zhang is the real status quo of the migrant workers around me, at least more real than those online who are always tens of thousands of yuan a month.Lao Zhang used to be rich, just after graduation, because Lao Zhang’s family was in other places, so he had no support after graduation, so he had to rely on himself for everything. Lao Zhang liked cars, and he had taken the driver’s license early when he was in college, so his first job was also related to cars.According to Zhang himself, he accidentally heard about the recruitment information of a well-known 4S shop, so he went to the interview without receiving any recruitment invitation, and was lucky enough to get the job.Lao zhang that we are not too believe, always think he should be back with people or have other reasons, after all, such as car sales job for a recent graduate of the college students, and has the certain difficulty, and reputation in the industry and that shop is larger, how can you just use a recent graduate of the university students?But Lao Zhang insisted that he was applying for the job by himself, so it is inconvenient for us to ask more questions. We do not know the answer so far, but Lao Zhang successfully entered the 4S shop and became a salesman.At first, Lao Zhang said that he had to train every day, which was very stressful. The man working in the store was at least three years older than him, and he was the youngest in the store. But when we met again a few months later, Lao Zhang felt like a different person.The meeting place was a restaurant near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, which was an affordable place for us who had just graduated at that time. However, Lao Zhang promised to treat us to dinner here. We all said privately that Lao Zhang was rich.After we met, Lao Zhang was indeed different from before, wearing a new iPhone and a string of car keys on his waist. He talked and laughed freely in the hotel, while we, who had never eaten like this before, were much more reserved.Lao zhang said car is his colleagues during dinner, just bought a mobile phone is himself, is not expensive to thousands of dollars, but his mouth of thousands of dollars for us it’s impossible to run, then Lao zhang about his experiences in his work, also said some of the industry how to make money “secret” that we can remember what he said,But what I can remember is that he was very handsome. It is hard to imagine that an out-of-town graduate could change so much after working for a few months. But this was Lao Zhang at that time, full of spirit.Later, we also had our own jobs, and we were basically ordinary, earning several thousand yuan a month, not enough to eat, but never hungry. Those with better family conditions would feel less pressure, and some students from other places often worried about buying a house, and even quarreled with their partners.Lao Zhang was very handsome in those years. His mobile phone was updated every time, and he had his own car in the second year. Of course, he bought it with extra money from his family.The car was second-hand, but very new. From then on, I often saw Lao Zhang Posting photos of driving out for fun on his wechat moments. Lao Zhang’s colleagues were young like him, and they either barbecued or went camping every once in a while.When things changed in 2017, Lao Zhang suddenly posted a photo of her leaving her job on wechat moments. At that time, we were quite surprised, thinking why did she quit her job when she was doing so well?Lao Zhang said that he had been working in this industry for three years, and it was basically the end of his career. He could not be promoted. There were too many related customers in the store and he had no relationship.However, Zhang said he was not worried, as it would not be too difficult to find a job because of his previous work experience, and he wanted to continue working in the industry.However, things seem to be different from what he thought. After changing another company, Lao Zhang left the company after less than three months, saying that he could not adapt to the system and environment of the new company. We are not very clear about the specific situation, and he did not say much.After leaving office, Lao Zhang traveled around and stayed in his hometown for a few months. We thought he would never come back, but he came back to Xi ‘an after the Chinese New Year.It is said that he went back to his hometown to study computer in a computer school. Because the tuition fee in Xi ‘an is too expensive, he did not live in Xi ‘an, but he had to find a job in Xi ‘an, after all, the salary is still higher.After that, Lao Zhang was successfully employed by a company. As for the job content of Lao Zhang, I’m not quite clear. He told me about it but I didn’t understand it.Lao Zhang should have established himself in his new industry around 2018. I don’t remember the specific time, but he said at a party that he could get more than 6000 a month at that time. I don’t know if it is high or low in 2018, but Lao Zhang’s tone is still far from that when he sold cars before.But his age and everything is impossible to go back to selling cars.In fact, we are quite surprised by Lao Zhang’s change, as a young man who used to live a cool life now seems to feel much more composed.I used to go shopping for two or three thousand yuan of clothes without batting an eye, but now I worry about where to buy a house all day.Besides, Zhang has sold his car, because he thinks it is a waste of time to drive to work. He has to stay late at the company every day and work overtime on weekends. It only takes him ten minutes to ride a shared bike to work from where he lives.Zhang was planning to buy a house in 2018. It is said that he had a brief talk with a partner before, but it didn’t last long. Anyway, we never met him and he just mentioned it without going into details.When we were having dinner, Lao Zhang asked us to set up a date for him. We joked that he was too old, already in his 30s and without an apartment.Lao Zhang said that he was considering the house, but he still wanted to have a partner first, so that both sides could give some suggestions. We said yes, but in fact no one introduced him to a successful partner.Lao Zhang’s IT male life has been to last year, during the period should have changed several units, with Lao Zhang’s words, is now a high or low situation, their salary level is general, although may be stronger than most workers, but in the industry can only belong to barely pass, so there is no what to say.I’ve got some money on hand, but it’s nothing compared to the current housing prices and all that, and I can’t tell you what, it could cost you a lot of money if you get seriously ill again.When we had dinner, Lao Zhang joked to me that he was also a little tired of his current job, but what could he do if he didn’t do it?I have no previous courage, do other work and not good at, their parents are from small places, want to buy a house in Xi ‘an estimated to empty the family can not reach, but not to stay in Xi ‘an and where to go?I know my ability to work in my heart, to the developed city estimates may not be as good as in Xi ‘an.From last year to this year, Lao zhang is the most difficult year, he unconsciously have thirty several people, do not have what achievement in work and personal life is a mess, in the future life only live in this way, unless you can meet a don’t abandon his people, but as the growth of the age old zhang thought to meet such people want only will be more and more remote.Lao zhang said he regretted it, then do car sales should be bought the room first, if it had bought at least also calculate in xi ‘an now have a home, his parents lived in the city of smaller counties all his life, his thought can through their efforts on parents’ life, now can’t improve, may also have to let parents corresponded, oneself also guilty.After I comforted him a few words, we said goodbye after dinner. Lao Zhang said that the epidemic had a great impact on him in the past month, and his income must be reduced.In fact, I think Lao Zhang’s current situation is not so miserable, I believe there are people like him or worse than him, but Lao Zhang’s feeling is very depressed, I listen to the side is also very depressed.Talk about his present situation, the income situation is ok, the person is not ugly, but there is no room, at present, short time can not be bought.Although the job can, but this year, which dare to crave a stable job, maybe good today and tomorrow leave, insecurity is also one of the reasons for his worry.At the beginning of 2020, During the epidemic period, Lao Zhang felt that life was not easy. However, with the easing of the situation at that time, Lao Zhang felt that there was still hope for life.Zhang said that 2021 was the most difficult year for him. Although his work and life were the same as usual, he had a heavy mental burden in his heart, and it would be ok if he stayed single all his life. However, his parents wanted to have grandchildren more and more.Zhang also said that he would not go back for the Spring Festival this year, because there was really nothing to do at home, such as relatives asking questions, friends calling for cards, and maybe quarrelling with his parents. He would rather take this opportunity to stay in Xi ‘an and think about his future plans.I still support Lao Zhang’s idea, I do not sympathize with him, because I can feel his helplessness, he is not poor, but can not change his fate.In fact, we are not so it?Just graduated with high spirits, always feel that they can change the world, until the world conquered the moment, finally bowed his head.We also hope that he can make a big achievement in the New Year. We also hope that many foreigners who are struggling in this city like Zhang can realize their dreams one day.