“Guangdong Yinyin Tiger Year Flavor Bay Area” Guangdong Public Cultural venues “full fire” citizens Spring Festival “Guangdong” flavor

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In the Spring Festival of the Tiger, public cultural venues throughout Guangdong meet the needs of the masses in different scenes of reading, learning and entertainment.Guangdong Provincial Zhongshan Library, Shenzhen Central Book City, Shaoguan Cultural Center and other public cultural activities have been well prepared online and offline to make everyone enjoy a “Cantonese” Spring Festival holiday.Thanks to the improved quality and efficiency of public cultural infrastructure, it has become a habit of guangdong citizens to enjoy colorful public cultural activities at public cultural venues during holidays and festivals.In order to meet the different needs of readers during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, Guangdong Provincial Zhongshan Library has prepared more than 20 online and offline activities.In addition to holding the activity of “Spring in Guangdong is Blessed — Spring And Blessing 2022”, inviting 50 calligraphers of Guangdong Province Couplet Society to write a free gift of Spring and blessing suitable for families.In the main hall of Civilization Road, the Exhibition “Reading The Spring Festival in Guangdong — Guangdong Traditional New Year’s Customs” presents the colorful and lively Spring Festival folk customs of Guangdong.The new “Cantonese Reading Club” will introduce the local customs and blessings of the Spring Festival to the new generation of Guangzhou who are staying in Guangdong, so that everyone can enjoy the Spring Festival with a full flavor of Guangdong.And in Shenzhen, the public cultural infrastructure is “not to be compromised, Spring Festival activities are warm”.Shenzhen Library held the collection and exhibition of “Shenzhen New Year · ‘Blessing’ –” Three expert Books “to send away the missing of family members.Shenzhen Cultural Center held the activity of “Family Photo in the Museum”;The original concert “I want to hold your hand and spend Spring Festival in Shenzhen” was held in The Central Book City.Pingshan District, guangming District, Luohu District, Nanshan district and other district-level activities have their own characteristics, from the first day to 15, every day is not the same, wonderful non-stop.Shaoguan City Cultural Center not only held “Our Chinese Dream, happy grassroots” cultural volunteers to send happy grassroots artistic performance of Zhang City special, from February 1 to 16 also held “good beauty Shaoguan our festival “2022 Shaoguan city” Happy New Year “– Spring Festival culture into thousands of people series of mass cultural activities,And cloud broadcast in the network platform.The New Year’s reading activities in Dongguan are also wonderful. “Reading + Learning, Growing Together in the New Year” has become another highlight of the festival.Dongguan Library has prepared five major themes and more than 30 cultural activities for readers to enjoy the Chinese New Year.In addition, the city’s towns and streets library branches also held knowledge competitions, exhibitions, reading activities, guessing lantern riddles and other forms of holiday activities.From January 25 to February 18, Heyuan cooperated with all levels of public libraries, cultural centers and other cultural institutions and units to jointly carry out the theme activity of “Enjoying traditional classics and celebrating Culture” of Excellent Traditional Chinese culture to increase the cultural atmosphere of the Spring Festival.Brigade public service high quality development Culture and tourism in guangdong province hall concerns chief introduction, in 2021, by promoting quality, and the efficiency of public cultural infrastructure, accelerate the construction of the digital culture, mass culture huimin activities actively, enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, stimulate the vitality of cultural and tourism public service,We will steadily promote high-quality development of public services for culture and tourism.In 2021, ten practical tasks concerning people’s livelihood were successfully completed, including 312 “300 projects” (104 exhibitions, 103 lectures and 105 performances), and 68 “Yueshu Bars” were built, all exceeding the tasks.Not only that, guangdong high-level construction “three museums in one” project, among which the main structure of the INTANGIBLE Heritage museum has been capped.In terms of promoting the innovation and development of national and provincial public cultural service system demonstration zones, 3 regions and projects were selected into the fourth batch of National public cultural service system demonstration zones (projects), 4 Guangdong Provincial public cultural service system demonstration zones and 14 Guangdong Provincial public cultural service system demonstration projects were launched.50 “Towns of Folk Culture and Art of Guangdong Province” in 2021-2023 were selected, among which 11 regions were awarded “Towns of Chinese Folk Culture and Art”, ranking first in total in China.In terms of promoting the construction of smart library and public culture cloud, the “Three-year Plan of Public Digital Culture Construction in Guangdong Province (2021-2023)” has been formulated. The “Yuedudong” digital card covers public libraries at all levels in the province and has been awarded as “2021 Guangdong Government Service Innovation Case “.The province also promotes mass creation and cultural brand activities, holding provincial mass cultural activities such as the 2021 Guangdong Mass Art Flower Fair (drama and Folk Art), Guangdong Workers’ Singing Contest, and the “Better Read In Guangdong” national reading.Editor: Bao Officals statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is any wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us via email and we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com