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Zhang Chi, a writer from Yenchuen/Shenzhen Business News, continues the popularity of 2021 as the first year of the metasurverse, and the concept of the metasurverse continues to be popular in 2022.Yuan Universe not only attracted the global technology giants have invested huge sums of money layout, such as Facebook directly renamed Meta to bet on the yuan universe, throughout China, with the fire of the yuan universe, in order to take the lead in the field of the yuan universe, including Internet enterprises, well-known car enterprises, etc., have been ready to fight, therefore,”Meta-universe” trademark registration has become the battlefield for major manufacturers.According to statistics, the number of registered trademarks in 2021 accounted for 99.9% of the total number of trademarks in the universe.At the same time, the universe trademark crazy scrambling chaos frequency now, Tencent, Bytedance and other big factories of the universe trademarks are scrambling, after the chaos, rectification also followed.As the concept continues to gain popularity, many companies, including Tencent, Xiaohongshu and NetEase, have tried to apply for trademarks related to the concept, but their applications have all been rejected, according to reporters.What is particularly noteworthy is that the downloads of “Gel”, a meta-universe social App that has been popular all over the Internet recently, surpassed wechat and topped the free list of Apple App Store.However, due to the recent increase in users and infringement of users’ privacy by Internet transmission, Gel App has taken the initiative to remove it from the App Store and suspend new users from entering.According to the App, Tencent Music Entertainment Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD., an affiliate of Kuangong Karaoke, recently applied for a number of trademarks of “Rhythmic Yuan Universe”, whose status was changed to “pending rejection review”. The international classification includes advertising sales, scientific instruments, education and entertainment, etc. The trademark application was filed in September 2021.However, Tencent technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of QQ yuan Universe, day dollar universe, king yuan universe and other trademarks are still in the application.In addition to Tencent, a number of companies have previously applied for trademarks related to the universe have also been rejected.On February 8, the status of a number of “yuesu” trademarks applied for registration by an affiliate of Ideal Automobile, Beijing Automobile Automobile And Jia Information Technology Co., LTD., was changed to “pending rejection review”.In addition, the trademark process of “Music Universe” applied by Hangzhou NetEase Cloud Music Technology Co., Ltd. was changed to “notice of rejection issued”, which was applied for in November 2021.The State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) has rejected a number of trademark applications for the universe, and even announced trademarks related to the universe have been declared invalid after passing preliminary examination.According to the State Intellectual Property Office on Feb 21, there are more than 16,000 trademark applications related to “METAVERSE” and “METAVERSE” in its trademark database so far.In accordance with the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China and relevant regulations, the State Intellectual Property Office examined the trademark registration application of “METAVERSE” and “METAVERSE” in accordance with the law.Sipo also pointed out that it firmly opposes and severely cracks down on malicious trademark registration activities such as “censoring hot spots” and not hoarding trademarks for the purpose of use.When applying for trademark registration, relevant market entities shall comply with the relevant provisions of the Trademark Law, abide by the principle of good faith, and shall not harm the public interests or disturb the order of trademark registration.On the same day, the official website of the China Mobile Communications Federation meta-space Industry Committee released the “meta-space industry self-discipline Convention (to be adopted at a plenary session)”.According to the CONVENTION, the business of the universe should be based on serving the real economy, and capital speculation based on the hot concepts of the universe should be firmly resisted to avoid the formation of market bubbles.In addition, the Convention also proposed to strengthen the subject responsibility, away from the illegal model.Resist illegal financial activities such as fabricating fake yuan universe investment projects and issuing yuan universe virtual currency, stay away from new scams in the name of yuan universe games, be alert to speculative risks of new targets such as virtual real estate, and avoid the spread of bad information in yuan universe projects.On Friday, the China Banking And Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBRC) also issued a notice warning against illegal fund-raising in the name of The company, which is seen by the industry as the first regulatory directive for the company in China.As a matter of fact, with the heating of the concept of the meta-universe, many aspects of Our country released the signal of strict supervision of the meta-universe.Many companies labeled as meta-universe in the capital market have received regulatory letters due to soaring share prices.In the capital market, the share prices of related companies have soared as soon as they were labeled as cosmos, and Cosmos concept stock Zhongqingbao was the largest with a cumulative increase of 252.70 percent last year.Abnormal fluctuations in a number of concept stocks caused great attention from the regulatory layer, and many companies also received regulatory letters, requiring specific explanations of the correlation between the main business and the “meta-universe”, whether it can form a stable business model, whether there is a “hot spot” behavior.On January 10, the shenzhen stock exchange to concentrate on landscape bede sent letter, for landscape than with fairy tale dad text brigade technology (shenzhen) co., LTD., shenzhen China pay information technology co., LTD. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the parties in many areas, including but not limited to yuan the universe science and technology, yuan’s theme parks, etc.) to carry out strategic cooperation.On the evening of January 17, both Guoguang and Zhidu received letters of concern, asking them to explain whether there was a “cosmic” hot spot.Guoguang Electric also announced recently that, in order to promote the sustainable development of the company and constantly improve the company’s layout in the field of meta-universe, the company plans to invest with Genimous Technology CO.,LTD and Zhidu Group CO.,LTD to set up a joint venture, focusing on promoting social game projects based on VR environment and digital art meta-universe community projects.The registered capital of the joint venture company is 20 million yuan, and the capital contribution is in cash. Guoguang Electric appliances accounts for 10% of the registered capital of the joint venture company.January 19, the disclosure of Saturday’s performance forecast said that in 2021, the company is expected to return to the parent net profit loss of 430 million yuan to 645 million yuan, the largest loss since The listing of Saturday in 2009.Along with the earnings forecast, the company also announced Saturday that it plans to enter an asset-light development mode, as well as a new layout of the universe and digital virtual people.The next day, On Saturday, I also received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. I was asked five times to explain the progress of the relevant project preparation and prove whether there are hot spots.On February 11, data from the third-party business inquiry platform showed that Baiyunshan, a Chinese medicine giant that has just been selected into the Fortune Global 500, is applying for the registration of the trademark of “WLK Ji Yuan Universe”, which is classified as “32-beer beverage” internationally. The submission time is January 30.It’s worth noting that the meta-universe concept, which had been popular since the second half of last year, has also cooled recently in the A-share market, with the meta-universe index down nearly 14 per cent so far this year.Shanxi Securities Research Report said that in the short term, the concept of meta-universe is still in the embryonic exploration period of hardware research, there is still great uncertainty, superposition has been strongly sought after by funds before, the current valuation of some targets or has deviated from the reasonable level, it is suggested to be alert to speculation risk.Is the trademark “bet”?The phenomenon of many companies rushing to register the trademark of “meta-universe” is attributed to a large number of profit-driven opportunistic practices, industry experts believe.Generally speaking, it is difficult for a single natural person or company to put a large number of trademarks into actual use, and trademark registration is more of a “bet”, expecting to resell at a high price.Liu Guoqing, a partner at Beijing Yingke (Shenzhen) Law firm, said that The company is still in the conceptual stage, and only a few companies are doing trademark layout, but more are speculating in order to launch trademark infringement lawsuits and trade trademarks in the future.A liquor company owner registered the trademark “Prehistoric power” for 1,300 yuan in 2015, and it was sold for 1 million yuan in 2017, a 768-fold increase, reported.With the help of celebrities, news hot spots to grab trademark, become a rich “shortcut”.Although the concept of the metasurverse will continue to be hotly debated in 2022, the global call for its regulation is also getting louder.On February 7, the Financial Times reported that experts backing the forthcoming Cyber Security Bill said the metasexes would be subject to tough UK regulation, exposing the tech giants behind virtual worlds to potential fines of billions of pounds.Russian regulators are also studying the possibility of imposing new restrictions on virtual reality technology, while actively acknowledging that the metasomes offer new possibilities for human interaction.The agency believes the metasexes could be used for illegal transactions in cryptocurrencies, among other things.Melts the cheung chi-kong securities analyst analysis thought, yuan the universe as a cutting-edge social ecology, compared with commercial value, government level pay more attention to the yuan is the future of the universe that could give rise to a new international division of labor system, so as to avoid competitive industry in the future lagged in disadvantage, so how to balance development and regulation is crucial.Zhang Zhigang believes that virtual reality industry integration and underlying support technology is the main policy support direction, virtual assets supervision requirements are expected to become stricter.Read: Yu Fanghua