Su bingtian launched the challenge

2022-07-11 0 By

“Hello, everybody!I just watched snowboarding today!Cool!Next, I do a little challenge “the morning of February 10th Su Bing add launched a eggs challenge on social media in the video, he put two eggs in the feet stand under the heel of Achilles carefully to do squats eggs have a set of action down to the ankle was immovable intact” how everybody together to challenge, too!””Su God” challenge issued netizens have said: can not catch ah!Are you sure this is a little challenge?Many netizens said that the two eggs can live to the hearth under the feet of the “Su God”. Under everyone’s feet, it may be a waste of food materials. Two baskets of eggs are not enough to complete the challenge.Some netizens were attracted by his strong calf muscles, saying “Su God is so strong”. But some brave netizens boldly accepted the challenge of “Su God”.But the somebody else is left left left another netizen of sports teaching experience remember the following pad paper one thousand eggs broken also convenient to clean up the left left left Su Bing added to give the games athletes refueling he has also served as the games torch he said 99 seconds in the nest he ran to the station to the world championship of track 4 x 100 m won the second place is the torch run the slowest one50 meters but this is a supreme glory DV Jun friendship remind: in fact, eggs can not be eggs, the main test of balance and endurance, after all, no one is not a big family family challenge can not but waste the egg!Watch out for waste!Egg challenge, do you dare?