Tavern Warchess Weekly 24: Patch effects are beginning to emerge, akai Karel is rising

2022-07-11 0 By

Author chat: today is the Lantern Festival, I hope everyone can eat delicious dumplings (eat more but will be fat yo) after today, the New Year is over.In last week’s patch, a large number of heroic companions were nerfed and buffed en masse, and the environment of tavern battle has been drastically changed.Some heroes have seen their average rank plummet, while others have risen as their friends have strengthened.The patch has a lot of fun, some heroes should be cut or not cut, and some heroes should be cut and scrapped, but there is no denying that the patch makes the environment more balanced.The average threshold for heroes in the top 20% of players is 6,300 + points.The no. 1 hero is still Queen Wagtor, whose steady play by Queen Big Mouth has made his ranking a clean sweep.There are 34 heroes in T2(above 4.50 average), among which Deathwing, Guff, Keryl, and Akai hang up are rising to the top thanks to their stronger partners.Lich, Tavish and other heroes made minor adjustments but did not break any bones, their average ranking is only slightly lower than last week.Top 1% player hero ranking Currently top 1% player score line is 9200+ top 1% do not know why there are more than ten heroes without data, look at the hero is not like no hero!At the top of the list is still Queen Wagtor, with a ridiculous average of 3.03, the highest average ever seen.The highest average ranking of boss Polo was 3.40, which is a bit ridiculous to be honest.T2 heroes also have 32 bits, which is a much more balanced environment than last week.Current partners fall into three categories.1. The core partner who is not strong in battle, but who provides battle power for the team (such as The big Screw partner Rusifron,2, the partner is super battle power (lich curator Zerira, etc.)3, the partner is consumable (director Shadwerk)4, the partner itself has no battle power can not directly increase the team battle power (Elise tree) the fourth category is not by the version of the care of the partner.These heroes can’t be said to be bad friends, many of them look good, but they have a fatal flaw in the form of gridlock.Partner in the middle can be when the battle force support scene, the lineup slightly shaped no partner grid.Sell it partner income is also good, do not sell it without racial partner figure and raise not big.Often play this kind of hero is very good in the early stage, such as a few rounds of partners are not willing to sell two rounds out (the best example is knife oil, early skills invincible, middle partners steal happy, late meng forced) heroes who eat patch benefits below the four heroes by the patch bonus the largest.With the exception of Deathwing, the other three heroes are easy to play and are good for scoring.Deathwing is really suited to this environment, with 7 FPS and 2 titles as the mainstream, deathwing has a better choice.After the patch, Guff played a couple of hands.8 generally have partners, some partners can be invincible for a few rounds, but if guff is not the core of the early transition, otherwise the battle will soon fall behind.Play as a blank SLATE until you have a partner. Skills are useless.Kai not much to play, partner system online only played three or four, there has been a question, Kai partner can really get seven fee?Those who play are eight to get partners.Akai partner medium intensity is very high, skill to two plus eight costs to buy two Samsung is hard to lose.Keryl has never chosen not to know.The reason why this chart is different from the average ranking in the queen chart is that the main chart shows heroes from last night, while the top chart shows heroes from morning.The queen’s average is in the top 1% and she’s in second place. The average is still rising. That’s bullshit.The biggest difference between queen and other heroes in the past is that meeting queen in the game is not annoying at all. Queen ranking is good but it is difficult to eat chicken.The Queen is like an upgraded version of scrapping, often ranking first on average, but not very impressive.Queen also has no cut space, the skill already enough weak impossible rise 2 fee!Partner four stars is no longer promoted, the effect of the whole two will be completely useless.Hero Treasure, the opposite of Queen Wagtor, gives the player the opposite experience after the patch.Statistically speaking, Treasure is the weakest of the heroes.The average ranking is 4.92, and the rate of chicken consumption is 13.6 percent.But the impression is particularly uncomfortable.Last week in the final against the treasure, from the original 99.1% of the win rate treasure with the refrigerator hard dragged to 50-50 and lost, I remember that one now.Treasure brother is a typical not strong but impressive hero every week a useless small skill later met mystery brother, calculate the partner gold directly pull the line, or the mystery animation to see from the beginning to the end.Mystery of the animation is too slow, the opposite with a Raven group battle end to see the remaining ten or twenty seconds, there is no time to operate.Can’t the designer speed up the arcana animation?Who wants to see arcane animation.# Hearthstone