The year of the Tiger Lantern Festival in the ancient town of China is very prosperous

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Diversified intangible cultural heritage display, colorful intangible cultural heritage exhibition, a variety of customs experience, different Lantern Festival feast.On February 15, the second Hanzhong Intangible cultural heritage project Spring Festival exhibition performance was performed in baoguo Ancient town block, Hedongdian Town, Hantai District.This activity is hosted by the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Hanzhong City, jointly undertaken by the People’s Art Museum of Hanzhong City, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center of Hanzhong City and the Baoguo Cultural Tourism Development Co., LTD., Baoguo Kang Paradise, and the Baoguo Ancient Town entrepreneurship Incubation Center of Hanzhong District, and actively co-organized by the Hedongdian town government and the relevant county cultural centers.The event set up four sections of “INTANGIBLE cultural heritage display Board”, “Intangible cultural heritage project performance”, “Intangible cultural heritage product Exhibition and Sales” and “Popular games interaction”, which increased the sense of interaction and experience.In early spring, the sun is bright and warm. In the early morning, the town is particularly popular. People are bustling with interest to visit the exhibition boards of intangible cultural Heritage projects.The Lantern Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Lanterns of various forms are hung in the streets of the ancient town early, accompanied by word puzzles, so that the masses can guess riddles and cash prizes for fun while enjoying the lanterns.In the New Year’s Custom game interactive zone on the side of the street of ancient Town, games such as hu-throwing, Hanfu and qiang service experience, number writing contest and clay sculpture are arranged in sequence, attracting some people to rush through the experience and sending surprises and happiness to the winners.At 1:30 PM, with the sound of drums and music, the spring Master said spring, sweep five poor, lotus boat, dragon and lion dance, south Zheng tax stilt shehuo and other projects began to tour the block, the whole performance team is hundreds of meters long, through the streets of the ancient town, along the way, the crowd was bustling, the scene is very spectacular.Stilt walking, dragon and lion dancing and other performances involve many young actors, and many teenagers have joined in the inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage. “I love stilt walking, I think it is the inheritance of our traditional culture,” a young actor told the reporter.Stage performance at 2:30, stage performance project officially began, Longjiang handgun dragon, two ghosts fight, Qiang dance, Luoyang sheepskin encouragement, Zhenba folk song, Han Tone immediately appeared, exciting on stage, and laughter off stage.Interactive games and a question-and-answer session of intangible cultural heritage knowledge enliven the atmosphere.”There are a lot of performances THAT I’ve only seen on TV before, and it’s very refreshing to be here today. It’s very exciting.”One of the tourists who watched the scene said uncontrollably.Exhibition and Sales Area In the exhibition and sales area of INTANGIBLE cultural heritage products, selected handmade rattan weaving, fan weaving, palm weaving, bamboo weaving, qiang embroidery, sachet, food black tea, green tea, dried radish, dried bean curd, yellow wine and other intangible cultural heritage products for exhibition and sales.The audience can not only taste the delicious intangible cultural heritage food, but also interact with the inheritor, consult and learn the experience.Han Feng years, home;It’s stronger, it’s more emotional.This time with intangible show held in the country or town performance as the main content of the Spring Festival cultural activities, in the first “national intangible ancient town Joy yuanxiao “activities, based on the content more rich, especially pay attention to the intangible characteristics and festival culture, as well as the traditional culture and fashion elements to two or morethings, let people have to see, to eat, you learn and play.The Spring Festival is coming to an end, and the splendor, joy and beauty will continue to fill our life in the future.(Article: Zhang Xian Photo: Wang Lele et al.)