You may not know any of these 8 signs of Stomach cancer

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Irregular work and rest, unhealthy diet, can damage stomach health, light cause gastritis, heavy can induce stomach cancer.At present patient of gastric cancer of our country is more and more, had been gastric cancer in terminal period when major diagnose, the early discovery of so gastric cancer becomes very important, everybody should know the inchoate symptom of gastric cancer, discover in time, treat gastric cancer, can raise the cure rate of gastric cancer!Stomach cancer inchoate symptom 1. Appetite drops stomach cancer patient inchoate can have the circumstance that appetite drops, the expression is easy to vomit, turn acid, dyspepsia, even the thing that likes to eat at ordinary times is not interested.If you lose your appetite for a long time, you should consider stomach cancer as the cause.2. Thin weak if not trying to lose weight, but it beat reduce weight will be caused take seriously, may be caused by gastric cancer, cancer cells will multiply rapidly in the early days, need a lot of energy and nutrients, will take the initiative to compete with the body, to the normal human body cannot obtain nutrients and energy, then gradually emaciated, another symptoms of gastric cancer patients in the early days there will be a loss of appetite,The resulting malnutrition also makes people thinner.3. Nausea, vomiting, gas early gastric cancer have nausea and vomiting, belching, especially tumor located at the pylorus, nausea and vomiting symptoms more frequent, vomit to lodge and gastric juice, due to the tumor stem gastric outlet, there will be continuous, frequent burping gas, spit out the gas often accompanied by stink or rotten eggs.4. Abdominal distention Gastric cancer patients will have abdominal distention, which should be distinguished from abdominal distention caused by indigestion.Abdominal distension caused by gastric cancer has persistent characteristics, because stomach peristalsis becomes poor, food is difficult to digest, so it can cause abdominal distension, especially after meals abdominal distension is more obvious, in addition, mass oppression stomach, also can make patients produce abdominal distension and satiety.5. Epigastric pain Stomach cancer is easy to cause epigastric pain, which is manifested as dull pain or dull pain in the early stage. With the development of the disease, it will evolve into recurrent pain, and the pain gradually worsens.6. Fixed mass Patients with gastric cancer can feel the fixed mass on the right side of the upper abdomen in the early stage. The texture of the fixed mass is hard, not smooth, and has a sense of compressive pain.Frequent diarrhea is also the early signal of gastric cancer, which is because cancer cells interfere with the digestive function, causing digestive tract lesions and dyspepsia, recurrent diarrhea.8. Hematemesis, bloody tumors grow can damage the stomach small blood vessels, easy to cause defecate occult blood, namely defecate normal appearance, but after assay can see shit with blood, if the tumor and large blood vessel injury, will cause the hematemesis or defecate carries blood, stool color is dark red or black, and for the sustainable, distinguish the needs and hemorrhoids,Due to frequent hematemesis or blood in the stool, patients are prone to anemia symptoms.In life, we should take care of stomach health and pay attention to the early symptoms of gastric cancer. If the stomach is uncomfortable, we should go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible, so as to timely discover the symptoms of gastric cancer, so as to seize the best treatment opportunity and strive for conditions for treatment.