Ding!Post-holiday syndrome comes and teaches you how to “full blood resurrection”!

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Do you feel unable to adapt to work life at this moment when the long-lost alarm clock sounds again in your ears?Do you hate or dread going to work?Do you suffer from sudden insomnia?A sudden loss of appetite?Do you have headache, dizziness or even nausea?If you say YES to more than three, chances are you’re suffering from post-holiday syndrome. Spend your first day at work learning how to resurrect yourself.Holidays and non-holidays are two different mental states and living states. During the seven-day holiday, our body and mind begin to adapt to a comfortable state of “entertainment, relaxation and irrationality”. Once the holiday is over, it means that we have to start a work or study state of “organization, tension, challenge and rationality”.It is human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. The rational level of the holiday is over, but the subconscious level of the holiday is not over, so, the emergence of post-holiday syndrome is a normal physiological and psychological response.Give yourself a week to adjust and get your mind and subconscious on track.During the holiday season, friends and family gatherings, social gatherings, can increase the arousal of our nervous system, resulting in sleepless nights and trouble getting up in the morning.Therefore, the day before the holiday should “calm down”, avoid high-intensity social activities, rest at home, eat some light food, fresh fruit, listen to some light music, go to bed early in the evening.Many workers jump into an intense work schedule as soon as they start work, which can increase anxiety and exacerbate the symptoms of post-holiday syndrome.Therefore, three days before going to work, try to arrange the work of a few planned, communicative nature, can give a buffer adjustment period.During the holiday, the movement reduces, can let a person become “lazy”, after the holiday, can carry on the exercise relatively large movement, such as fast running, swimming, can help the body to consume some energy, regain vitality.Eating too much meat and fish during the holidays can lead to a heavy burden on your stomach, and a poor diet after the holidays can also leave you feeling depressed.In the first few days of the holiday, you can only eat vegetarian food, or you can drink plenty of water, eat more crude fiber and green vegetables, to speed up the body’s metabolism and help the gastrointestinal tract to restore health.In a word, in a word, when the holiday is good fun, work on the New Year to meet new challenges with a new mental outlook