Fuyang Lake source township: work together to fight the epidemic warm home road

2022-07-12 0 By

“Coming, coming!At 10:40 in the morning of February 14, in fuyang Huyuan township passenger transport center, seeing the bus slowly driving into the sound of hope from small to big.With the expiration of the quarantine period for some key personnel, Huyuan township organized a group of volunteers to go to centralized quarantine medical observation points outside the area to coordinate the transfer and return of quarantined personnel, so that every quarantined person can safely return home.Ma Gan-gan, head of the township construction office, signed up immediately after receiving the notice and said bluntly, “We sent these quarantined people out. I must bring them back safely so that I can truly rest assured…”So far, one-third of those quarantined outside have returned home safely.In order to facilitate the return of quarantined people outside the area, the Huyuan Township transport team carefully confirmed the list of returning people and other information with each quarantine point outside the area before they were picked up.Ms. Zhang, who had just returned home, said:”14 days of isolation is both long and short, long is a big New Year’s day is centralized quarantine, lost opportunity to reunion with family and friends, but the huzhou isolation hotel warm and thoughtful service, let like her isolated personnel soon spent, I truly realized during the isolation ‘drink a river, lake and hangzhou members’ brother and sister friendship.”After arriving at Huyuan, the quarantined people from outside the area returned to their villages by special buses and were taken to their homes by volunteers. Village officials immediately sent them epidemic prevention supplies and warm sympathy, and actively implemented relevant daily health monitoring requirements.