It’s not just the Winter Olympics, Russia and China signing energy deals, us threatening China, that proves China is right

2022-07-12 0 By

At a press briefing, State Department spokesman Price issued a threat against China, announcing that he would impose sanctions on Chinese companies that work with Russia because China has weakened the impact of U.S. sanctions against Russia.As the world’s only superpower “in the United States, often using sanctions to try to force the rest of the yield, since 2014, the United States has torn off camouflage mask, for sanctions against Russia on a large scale, after entering 2022, the United States has also threatened to sanctions against Russia’s” inner circle “, the so-called “inner circle” is a clear,The U.S. implied sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin, for which the Russian Foreign Ministry has already warned.Price from the state department spokesman said, the sense of smell is quite sensitive, because after Russian President vladimir putin arrived in China, China and Russia signed a huge energy deals, according to the agreement, Russia within 10 years will offer one hundred million tons of oil to China, on the basis of the existing gas supply at the same time,An additional 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas will be supplied annually. After the long-term agreement is signed, Russia will provide China with 48 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually, thus providing China with stable energy supply.Russian President Vladimir Putin flew to Beijing not only to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, but also to attend a China-Russia summit and sign 15 strategic cooperation agreements with China.Threat to China in the United States, the global defense observe that, it shows that China has done right, long-term procurement of energy from Russia, China can provide the basis of economic development for Russia, China imported 100 million tons of crude oil from Russia within the next 10 years, can provide nearly $80 billion of revenue for Russia, so for Russia’s influence is huge,At the same time, the purchase of natural gas is much larger than oil, so for Russia, Putin flew to China and got a huge gift package, which is very important for Russia’s future development.The signing of long-term energy deals between China and Russia gives Russia a reassuring edge against the West.The US is very worried about the cooperation between China and Russia. The US sanctions on Russia are an attempt to bring the Russian economy down, because energy exports are the backbone of the Russian economy. On the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, China and Russia signed a long-term energy agreement, which is a direct cut to the US.The impact of U.S. sanctions against Russia in the energy sector has been much weakened, and it’s no wonder that the State Department’s “tantrums” about China have ruined the U.S. agenda.202202067/ Global Defense Watch/Alek.The United States, itself a major energy exporter, is trying to gain access to Europe’s energy market, especially natural gas, through sanctions.Playing snakes to seven inches, China and Russia signed energy deals, is the strategic cooperation, “target” in the Chinese economy high speed development stage, China needs a lot of energy, the United States has been trying to deter China’s offshore energy channels, China and Russia signed energy deals, is conducted through the pipeline transport, from the line after the nation will tell,They are all Central Asian countries that have maintained close cooperation with China. When China promotes the Belt and Road Initiative, many Central Asian countries have gained new opportunities for development, which is also of great significance for maintaining peace and stability in Central Asia.Together, China and Russia can effectively counter US hegemony. China and Russia have signed long-term energy agreements, which Global Defense Watch sees as a prime example.