Jiangxi: in addition to the senior high school shall not occupy the holiday organization make up lessons

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Dajiang network/Dajiang News client news (Zheng Zhou Yun) reported: In order to standardize the teaching management of ordinary high schools in jiangxi Province, recently, the Department of Education of Jiangxi Province issued the notice of the Basic Requirements of teaching management of ordinary high schools in Jiangxi Province (trial), and formulated the basic requirements of teaching management of ordinary high schools in Jiangxi Province.It is strictly prohibited to “hang up school status”, illegal recruitment of audit students and other phenomena “notice” requirements, schools to formulate and strictly implement the school calendar, teaching plans, schedules and work and rest schedules, to ensure the orderly development of school teaching order.In addition to senior three students, in order to ensure safety and adhere to the principle of voluntary, in the winter and summer holidays during the appropriate arrangements for teaching, all public and private ordinary high schools in other circumstances shall not occupy the national statutory holidays, weekends and winter and summer holidays to organize students to make up lessons.To master the teaching information, timely solicit teachers and students’ opinions, timely deal with the problems in the process of implementation.Reasonably allocate and plan the construction of classrooms, laboratories, school practice and teaching bases, sports and art venues, campus network and other teaching facilities to ensure teaching needs and improve resource efficiency.Schools shall establish student status files and formulate corresponding management measures for student status according to regulations.The basic contents of school status management include students’ admission, registration, transfer, suspension, resumption of school, course attendance, record of grades and credits, issuance of graduation certificates, etc.To standardize the process of student status business management, timely handling of student status change, transfer and other related businesses, to ensure that “people consistent, book with people go”, is strictly prohibited “empty hanging school status”, illegal recruitment of audit students, borrowing students and other phenomena.The courses selected by students cannot be changed at will. The management of course selection and course selection respects the individual choice of students in accordance with the principle of autonomy.According to the differences of students and the actual situation of the school, to provide each student with a platform for personal development, not only to ensure that students should take three years of high school credits, but also to reduce the burden of students, to control the number of courses for each learning section.When setting up courses, it not only meets the needs of entrance examination, but also is beneficial to students’ long-term development and lays the foundation for students’ lifelong development.Before the end of the course according to the following process: next semester freshman year in high school students began to register to the curriculum establishment, establishment “course instruction manual” to a mobilization meeting, guiding students to fill out the request to organize statistical adjustment, parents and students sign a registration confirmation to determine the module, the student, teacher, venue to make teacher and student schedules.The general steps are as follows: The selected courses include optional compulsory courses and electives stipulated in “General Senior High School Curriculum Plan”.The school compiled the “Course Selection Guide Manual” to give a brief description of the curriculum structure of ordinary senior high school and the content of modules offered by each learning section. It also planned the course selection process, class student management, teacher evaluation and other issues in advance and formulated relevant management methods.The director of the administrative class and the student development instructor will provide the consultation service for the students, and the students themselves will fill in the form of course selection;Before the end of the second semester of senior one, announce the results of course selection and the list of elective students of all courses, and prepare personalized curriculum schedule for students.The course selected by the student cannot be changed at will.This basic requirement applies to the teaching management of ordinary senior high schools in Jiangxi Province, and will be implemented from March 1, 2022.Article source: Leju buy a house