Mongolian people wish the Beijing Winter Olympic Games well

2022-07-12 0 By

The opening date of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is getting closer and closer, and people around the world are expecting and wishing more and more for the Games.Mongolian people expressed their best wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympics through video speeches, calligraphy, painting and singing the Mongolian version of “Together for the Future,” creating a wave of “Beijing Winter Olympics fever” in Mongolia.The collection of china-Mongolia friendly works with the theme of “Welcome the Future together for the Winter Olympics” has aroused great response as soon as it was launched. Friends from all walks of life in Mongolia, even children, have actively participated in this activity.In less than two months, more than 200 works were collected, and friends from Mongolia offered their best wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games with their sincerity and simplicity.(SOUNDBITE) (Mongolian) BALTEV, Mongolian CITIZEN, SAYING: My whole family supports the example of human solidarity, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.Temulun, a grade 8 student at herhigg school :(I) really want to see the 2022 winter Olympics, which is everyone’s dream, even the world’s dream, so we cheer for China.I cheer for you in 2022 Beijing, and I cheer for you in 2022 Winter Olympics.Finally, I wish the Chinese and Mongolian players cheer together.The author of this article is Cao Fei, editor of Xinhua News Agency