“Tide” Yang ice and snow route is coming!

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The Winter Olympics are here!Experience the passion of the Winter Olympics experience the fun of ice and snow The fun of the Sun Sun ice and snow route presents you with the theme space of the Snow and snow Wizard of Yidi Port complete an ice and snow adventure journey come to the Blue Harbor to enjoy the lights of the Winter Olympics, see the ice and snow cartoon statue come to the Guomao ice rink to become a dancing ice and snow fairy…Take a look!Chaoyang district games immersive feeling “charm of ice and snow” chaoyang district culture square games culture square is located in the Olympic forest park, north park near the east gate area of about 3800 meters north with centre stage construction area of 400 square meters area of more than 270 square meters main stage in winter ice ribbon as the design concept and ice load at the same time equipped with 77 square meters square inThere are several functional areas on both sides of the square, including the Winter Olympics knowledge exhibition area, ice and snow project experience area, souvenir sales area, volunteer service area, medical emergency area, intangible cultural heritage exhibition area and other functional areas. Citizens can have interactive experience and feel the “charm of ice and snow” during the Winter Olympics.The fifth Beijing Chaoyang Forest Performance Season and Chaoyang Winter Olympics Series performance activities will be held in Orson Chess Park Square from February 4th to March 13th, 2 performances a day come and play!H dike port through of oz jungle adventure trip mysterious diverse field shaded by the winter under the glacier of strewn at random discretion during the immersion can open a crossing of oz jungle adventure trip into the port is located in chaoyang district of h dike here has become “fallen snow.where of oz” winter wonderland winter the snow in the garden “of oz” “wild” and “power station” four major theme space had not as wellIn the immersive experience space, the constantly changing light, shadow, sound and electricity combine with the theme scenes to create a dream effect of multiple scenes such as glaciers, aurora, jungle and ocean. “Time-limited Energy Gas station” is where outdoor lovers can experience various snow and ice sports. For example,Wear VR glasses and have a fast skiing trip. Invite your friends to have a table top ice hockey game, challenge ice parkour and other winter themed activities of Yidi Port “The Wizard of Oz” will continue until February 20th.Blue bay incarnation of winter sports park skiing athletes came to blue bay square device such as figure skating, ice hockey players in the athletes put out all kinds of modelling show around the ice and snow sports fun experience of ice and snow sports of cartoon characters in thick coats “panda” snow make citizens as if place oneself heaven and earth, such as dynamic movement of ice and snow scene attracts people to come to clock in the squareParents and children are experiencing the fun of ice sports. At night, the snow and ice sports-themed light sets are lit up to add luster to the New Year and the Winter Olympics.Skating must arrange is located in Beijing CBD core area of the international skating rink is one of the capital’s most famous indoor ice rink is Beijing’s first building open in the mall’s ice ice field open to citizens as early as in 1999, with the coming of 2022 Beijing Olympics project such as ice skating is becoming more and more public attention and participation in here also become many small love ice and snow sportsPartners of the “net red” card changying sports park fantasy ice and snow carnival at the door of the ice and snow carnival feast winter will be happy to play snow!Constant camping ground leaves snow carnival on ice and snow sports park dream? The rotation of the merry-go-round snow popular flying saucer winter version of the kids around the “le” big friends hi blunt centripetal force turned around surfing ~ the mood also follow the fly snow mountain snow mountains run all the way from slope long long accompanying with screaming extreme speed skating next thrilling, exciting, cheering at the large play ski resorts, snowBanana boat snow treasure hunt and a variety of snow entertainment projects to let everyone play to the fun at the door of the snow resort, the whole family out, play with the snow!This ice and snow limited happy friends quickly get up to let this Spring Festival, a joy!Tips: 1. Continue to insist that you must not travel outside Beijing, and do not travel to the cities where medium-high risk areas are located.2. Do a good job of personal health protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, gather less, and form a good habit of one meter noodles.3. Pay attention to hand hygiene. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer to clean hands before and after eating, going to the toilet, and touching entertainment facilities.4. Eat a healthy diet.Advocate the use of public chopsticks and spoons, refuse to eat game.Source: Beijing Chaoyang Wechat account