“White + black” continuous operations, xindu district to play a good Lantern Festival fireworks fire ban battle

2022-07-12 0 By

On the 15th day of the First lunar month, the Lantern Festival is the last day of the lunar New Year. Many people choose to set off fireworks to “make fun of the Lantern Festival”. However, this will cause a greater burden to the already burdened environment.Hu LAN, deputy head of xinduu District, presided over the Lantern Festival fireworks ban control work.In addition, I led the on-site team to conduct on-the-spot supervision in key areas with staff from xindu Ecological environment Bureau, District Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, District Transportation Bureau, District Emergency Department, District Market Supervision Bureau, District Public Security Sub-bureau and other relevant functional departments.By going deep into the field, discovering problems on site, directing and dispatching on site, dealing with and solving problems on site, we are committed to grasping and implementing, solving problems and seeing actual results.The publicity and control work of each town (street) in Xindu was carried out simultaneously, and the relevant parks in xindu also carried out the special inspection and control action of banning burning and setting off fireworks for the Lantern Festival.The whole region has made concerted efforts to ensure that Xindu successfully bans the burning of fireworks and firecrackers during the Lantern Festival and celebrates a “new”, “light” and “clean” festival.The living environment with blue sky, clear water and fresh air is our common aspiration as well as our need for a happy life. Let’s take action together to build and share the beautiful Xindu