Xu Yajun’s wife Zhang Shu: marry big 12 years old 4 marriage husband very happy, and stepson like mother and son

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“Seeing a gentleman, Cloud hu does not like.”This sentence describes Zhang Shu’s feelings for his husband Xu Yajun.From the first meeting of Xu Yajun throb, to years of his never abandon him, to help each other, Zhang Shu’s feelings for him never a bit less, but increasing.Xu Yajun is the same, once he is also a romantic prodigal son, a lot of emotional history, but also divorced three times, but after marriage with Zhang Shu, he was Zhang Shu eat dead.Although Zhang shu married her fourth husband, who is 12 years older than her, their happiness now proves that love leads to happiness.Mention of Xu Yajun, not only a lot of middle-aged people know him, even a lot of young people also know the old drama bone.In the name of the People, this big TV series, Xu Yajun with extraordinary acting again turned red, by a lot of new generation of audience.For his acting, Xu Yajun has always been very confident, which is inseparable from his single-minded attitude towards art.Xu Yajun aspires to be a good actress when she was young, and she never stops her efforts on this road.Xu yajun became popular at the age of 22 for her role in the TV drama “Looking for the World to Come Back”, for which she won awards.Xu Yajun suddenly became a lot of girls in the mind of the male god, according to Xu Yajun later recalled, at that time he received more love letters with sacks can not be loaded.In the TV series “Li Spring spring” this TV series, has middle-aged Xu Yajun and Song Dandan stage drama, as sensitive heart, cheerful surface of the businessman Liang Bing, has been loved by many people.At that time, Although Xu Yajun was no longer as charming and handsome as when she was young, her acting still conquered many audiences.Unlike many of today’s young fresh meat, Xu yajun used her excellent acting to prove to the audience that she is not just a good skin.Now Xu is still active in TV series and movies. “Acting is not only about love, but also about study and speculation,” he said.Although Xu’s career was very smooth, his marriage was very bumpy.He has been divorced three times; Ms. Zhang is his fourth wife, and he has a child from a previous marriage who is now in college.Mention xu Yajun divorced three times, a lot of people think he is a philandering person, but Xu Yajun did not admit it, every divorce is a last resort, even after divorce, he did not turn against his ex-wife, but became friends.Xu Yajun’s first marriage was very unhappy.Just two people newly married, feeling just when, xu Yajun’s wife got to go up cancer however, the illness is very serious, although exhausted all treatment means also failed to retain her.The death of his wife let Xu Yajun hit, for a long time he is difficult to come out of the grief, often nostalgic, looking at his wife left things.Subsequently, Xu started the second and third marriages, but both ended in tragedy because of busy work and incompatible personality.Experienced three sad feelings, Xu Yajun suffered a blow, he doubts that he does not suit to marry at all, during that period of time is always negative.In addition to work, Xu Yajun also has a way to relieve loneliness, that is to play golf.Xu Yajun ball skills, and friends always meet the court to play, even the old play bone Ge You are his ball friends.Once, Xu Yajun and Zhang Shu met on the court.At that time, Zhang Shu is 12 years younger than Xu Yajun, it is a bright age.Although xu Yajun and only met a few, but Zhang Shu heart has quietly like xu Yajun.In her heart, Xu Yajun is kind, humorous natural and unrestrained, let her fall in love at first sight.Soon after, zhang and Xu worked together on the TV series “Our Educated Youth Era.”In the cast, the two people slowly become familiar with.From then on, Zhang Shu and Xu Yajun became friends, often together about playing tea, Zhang Shu also slowly understand Xu Yajun’s past, more sympathy and love for him.Zhang Shu was not disappointed, in the process of a play, Xu Yajun took the initiative to confess to Zhang Shu, asked her if she would like to become his girlfriend.Zhang Shu heart small deer disorderly bump, shyly nod to agree to him.After dating for four years, the couple walked down the aisle without a fight.After their marriage, Zhang treated Xu Yajun as always considerate and caring, Xu Yajun with his son from his first marriage, she also expressed full understanding, did not show a trace of dissatisfaction.At the beginning of their marriage, because they were not familiar with her, the children were only willing to call her auntie. But Zhang Shu did not feel angry or dissatisfied, but smiled gently and said, “Auntie would be fine.”In ordinary life, Zhang Shu also to this is not their own child is very care, a lot of Xu Yajun think of things she can think of, and take the initiative to help children.As time passed, the child was also moved by the seemingly young but warm and careful stepmother, took the initiative to get close to her, and now they are as close as mother and son.All this, Xu Yajun see in the eyes, the in the mind is very moved.In 2010, two years after their marriage, Mr. Zhang gave birth to a son for Ms. Xu.Although Zhang’s career also prospered and she was famous in the entertainment industry at the time, she still valued her family.Therefore, after the birth of the child, Zhang Shu withdrew from the entertainment industry, put more energy on taking care of the child, so that Xu Yajun can set his mind at the development of the career, no worries.After marriage, Zhang Shu more than once expressed his life very happy, although Xu Yajun is a “steel straight male”, but to Zhang Shu, he is very meticulous, love add.Once, Zhang Shu’s birthday, never give others a gift Xu Yajun also unprecedentedly bought a beautiful car to Zhang Shu, so that Zhang Shu moved.Conclusion The combination of Zhang Shu and Xu Yajun can be counted absolutely is the combination of old husband and little wife.Along the way, a lot of people are not optimistic about this marriage, but the feelings of things, such as drinking water, lengnuanzizhe knows.After marriage, both of them are getting better and better, and I wish them happiness forever.