“Beijing and Zhangjiakou Sports culture tourism Belt Construction Plan” issued to create sports culture tourism development nuclear

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Hebei News (Hebei Daily reporter Chen Hua) On January 29, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of Sport of China jointly issued the “Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports culture tourism Belt construction Plan” (hereinafter referred to as the plan).The planning scope includes 7 municipal districts of Beijing and 10 districts (counties) of Zhangjiakou City, with a total area of 24,800 square kilometers, radiating the whole range of Beijing and Zhangjiakou City.According to the plan, regional sports, culture and tourism industry layout, product supply and high-quality industry development system will be initially formed by 2025, and will be fully formed by 2035.In terms of spatial layout,To form a shaft (ceremony in Beijing new high-speed and high-speed, high-speed beijing-tibet, Beijing Beijing Zhang Gaotie Zhang Tiyu such main traffic arteries for Beijing cultural tourism zone construction development axis) series, three nuclear (Olympic sports cultural heritage tourism development nucleus, yanqing sports cultural tourism development, zhangjiakou sports culture tourism development nuclear) lead, six areas (” double the “city of the exhibit, the urban vitality, sports fashion areaScientific and technological innovation area, ecological leisure development area, Great Wall cultural experience area, grassland ecological movement area) linkage spatial layout.Among them, zhangjiakou sports culture tourism development core to downtown zhangjiakou and Chongli district as the core, in-depth excavation of Zhangjiakou history and culture, vigorously promote the Great Wall National Cultural Park (Dajingmen section) and other key projects;We will strengthen supporting services for sports events and promote the agglomeration of sports culture tourism industry.Perfect the worship ceremony national tourist vacation areas and seven ski resort construction, science and promoting sustainable utilization of the Olympic venues, focus on high-end competition, mountain outdoor sports, kang living, leisure, entertainment and consumption, themes, amusement, conference exhibition, night full-time full season many forms of products to build domestic summer resort and a world famous ski resort.The plan calls for strengthening the use of Olympic venues after games and building a gathering place for important events.We will improve the level of events and services, encourage the Olympic venues to host all kinds of ice and snow sports at all levels at home and abroad, and strive to build a top gathering place for events that serves the whole country and radiates to the world.Support the launch of snowboarding, aerialskills and other highly ornamental boutique ice and snow competitive events, actively introduce e-sports, competition shows, fashion sports and other featured events and exhibitions, promote the diversified development of brand events.Construction of ice and snow sports training base, relying on the Olympic venues and facilities, introduced advanced international ice and snow talent training system, optimize the talent team, snow and ice to strengthen and domestic and foreign well-known colleges and universities sports exchanges and cooperation, increase the intensity of ice and snow sports talents training, accelerate the construction of ice and snow sports training system, build yanqing, worship ceremony national comprehensive training base.We will promote ice and snow sports and build demonstration zones to encourage 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports.Support Yanqing district and Chongli District to take The Olympic venues as the core, make full use of natural ecological advantages, rational layout and construction of outdoor sports projects.To build zhangjiakou into an international Olympic cultural city, implement the action to improve the quality of zhangjiakou, create a number of Olympic city blocks, improve the level of urban construction, management and service;Expand the cultural and tourism functions of “Snow Ruyi”, and build an urban landmark building integrating sightseeing and leisure, fashion catering, shopping and entertainment, exhibition and performance.The Great Wall National Cultural Park will be built, with Dajingmen and Chongli Great Walls as the core, to coordinate the protection and utilization of xuanfu Town, Wanquan Right Acrowei City, Chicheng Dushikou Great Wall and Huailai Sample Great Wall.We will foster a century-old Beijing-Zhangjiakou cultural brand, and promote the launch of a special train with the theme of “century-old Beijing-Zhangjiakou”.We will strengthen the protection, inheritance and utilization of cultural heritage, and accelerate the construction of the Taizi City Archaeological Park and the Yuanzhongdu National Archaeological Park.We will promote high-quality development of tourism, carry out projects to develop high-quality tourism products, strengthen the development of high-grade tourist attractions, encourage the development of tourist resorts, strengthen the development of tourist and leisure blocks, improve the quality and upgrade of rural tourism, and promote the development of tourism in all regions.We will promote the development of characteristic tourism and vigorously develop snow and ice tourism.Give prominence to the characteristics of resources, environment and snow and ice culture, intensify the construction of snow and ice tourism facilities, improve the level of products and services, and promote the construction of ski tourism resorts integrating fitness and leisure, competition performance, sports training and cultural experience.Encourage the combination of its own snow and ice tourism resources, launch a number of snow and ice tourism theme fine routes with both folk customs and snow and ice culture characteristics, and build a number of high-quality and composite snow and ice tourism bases integrating skiing, mountaineering, hiking, self-driving, non-body examination, snow and ice culture display and other sports culture tourism activities.The plan also calls for deepening coordinated regional development, building a transportation system for fast and slow travel, building a beautiful ecological environment, promoting industrial division and cooperation, and improving the public service system.