Just now, Beijing’s first intelligent network connected passenger bus management implementation rules released

2022-07-13 0 By

We finally got the green light to test our way onto city roads!On March 31, smart connected passenger bus companies received good news that they could conduct road tests within 60 square kilometers of Beijing’s economic development zone.Smart connected passenger bus.In order to support and encourage intelligent connected passenger buses to carry out tests and demonstration applications in Beijing High-level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone (hereinafter referred to as “demonstration Zone”),The Work Office of Beijing High-level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone has officially released the Implementation Rules for Road Test and Demonstration Application Management of Intelligent Connected Passenger Buses in Beijing Intelligent Connected Policy Pilot Zone (Trial Implementation) (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”), which fills in the regulatory gaps of such intelligent connected vehicles.It has laid a solid foundation for the large-scale and commercial application of the new scene of intelligent network connected passenger bus.Intelligent connected passenger buses carry a large number of passengers and have public attributes, so the demonstration area is very cautious in the landing of this scene.How to protect passengers and public safety during the test demonstration?Detailed rules in the vehicle management, vehicle operation, road testing, insurance, product technical parameters and other aspects of targeted management requirements.Smart connected passenger bus.In the car management, in addition to the provisions of each car should be equipped with a guarantee of vehicle safety “driver”, but also the provisions should be equipped with a car in the car manager for car order management, responsible for car safety inspection and security work;In terms of vehicle operation, it is required that the applicant shall carry out road test and demonstration application activities in accordance with the routes, stations, operation intervals, first and last shift times and number of vehicles stipulated in the pilot zone.In terms of the test stage, the first is to subdivide the road test stage, requiring applicants to pass no-load test and simulated load test in sequence before entering the demonstration application stage.Second, in the demonstration application stage, manned test activities should be carried out by recruiting test volunteers. The municipal Automatic Driving Office will review the recruitment criteria of test volunteers and carry out manned demonstration application only after passing the test.In terms of insurance guarantee, it is stipulated that the applicant should purchase traffic accident liability insurance or indemnity guarantee of not less than 5 million yuan per car, and passenger seat liability insurance of not less than 500,000 yuan per seat.In terms of product technical parameters, the length, number of passengers, driving speed, pure electric driving distance and other technical parameters of intelligent connected passenger bus are standardized and standardized.The detailed rules are the latest achievement of the “2+5+N” management system in the pilot Zone of Beijing Intelligent and Connected Vehicle policy, a practical example of the continuous promotion of management policy innovation, and a reflection of the implementation of the construction of the “Two Zones” and the optimization of the business environment.City self-driving office will sync checking and supervision mechanism, to carry out related activities of normalized site inspection and verification, the next phase will be based on road test to carry out the situation, plan linkage of this city bus group, combined with the condition of public transit network, line length and site density, travel demand and other factors, explore add the supplement of urban traffic line,It is expected to cover the core business districts, industrial parks and country parks in the district to enrich the existing travel modes and bring a new travel experience with a sense of science and technology and a sense of the future to the public.At present, the demonstration zone has issued test licenses for eight intelligent connected passenger buses from Baidu, Light Boat Wisdom Hang and Sensetime.After the implementation of the rules, eight smart connected passenger buses will be officially tested on the road.Reporter: Lu Jinxi