Urge launches full helmet Archi Deltar for 90% recyclable materials

2022-07-13 0 By

Urge has launched a new full helmet, the Archi Deltar, which is officially targeted for enduro and eMTB cycling, and is made from 90% recycled materials and certified by ASTM for safety.The Archi Deltar is essentially a lighter, more ventilated version of the Urge Dropper dedicated full helmet Deltar, so it’s 50g lighter with a medium weight of 755g.The Archi Deltar features fully open vents, and the main body of the helmet looks almost identical to the DH version of the Deltar, with no additional vents at the top or rear.Urge Archi Deltar is made from a wide range of recyclable materials, including EPS, elastic bands, sunshades and enclosures.The shell is made from a mixture of reground materials, the belt is made from recycled PET water bottle material, the mask is made from recycled ABS material, the fitting pad is made from ECO nylon and the coating is finished with water-based paint.Urge also uses biodegradable and compostable corn bags in its packaging, and its manuals are printed in organic ink.The Urge Archi Deltar helmet is available in size S (53-54cm head circumference), size M (55-56cm head circumference) and size L (57-58cm head circumference) in four colors. It retails for 138 euros and will ship from May.Editor: marina