Why can you have loose bowels after drinking?How to prevent diarrhea after drinking?

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Rednet Moment News On April 6 (Correspondent Shu Li) Every family and friends gathering, the total can not avoid drinking some wine to add to the fun, but the so-called “drink a little happy, drink a lot of harm”, drinking a little wine at the party can adjust the atmosphere, but if a big drink, it may cause certain harm to the body.Many people who love wine said after drinking wine, often appear diarrhea phenomenon.What can you drink to bring about loose bowels?Wu Shaoqing, gastroenterologist of Changsha Dongda Anorectal hospital expresses, loose bowels refers to diarrhea actually, the frequency of general defecation can exceed feral habit obviously.Wine is a stimulant drink, causing drunk diarrhea for many reasons, the common are the following: 1, alcohol intolerance or spleen and stomach weakness wine itself is a stimulant, in the process of alcohol intake and absorption will also stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa.Therefore, the direct stimulation of alcohol is a possible cause of diarrhea after drinking.This mainly depends on the sensitivity of gastrointestinal mucosa to alcohol stimulation. Some people who drink high liquor may have a greater chance of diarrhea, while some people who drink cold beer may also increase the chance of diarrhea due to cold and alcohol stimulation.2, improper food collocation drunken diarrhea should also be considered may be caused by improper diet collocation, if when drinking, at the same time with cold dishes, spicy, barbecue, seafood and other food together, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort, which may lead to the occurrence of drunken diarrhea.3, stomach is not good some friends have chronic gastroenteritis problems, gastrointestinal health is not good, after drinking, alcohol will further stimulate the intestinal mucosa, aggravate the inflammatory response.Gastroenteritis, which has been brought under control, can be aggravated by drinking alcohol, which is one of the causes of drunken diarrhea.How to prevent the circumstance of loose bowels after drinking?1, do not drink on an empty stomach before drinking can eat something to pad the stomach, which can slow down the rate of alcohol absorption into the body, in order to reduce the stimulation of alcohol on gastrointestinal tract, reduce the chance of diarrhea.2, moderate drinking often drunk diarrhea, usually should pay attention to moderate drinking, control the amount and number of alcohol consumption, as far as possible to reduce the intake of alcohol, help to reduce the pressure of the digestive tract, avoid causing gastrointestinal discomfort, causing diarrhea.3, pay attention to food collocation after drinking, you can eat some food that can dilute alcohol, diet should be light, pay attention to eat less raw and cold, greasy, spicy and other stimulating food, avoid overeating.4, pay attention to protect the intestines and stomach in daily life, we should pay more attention to protect the intestines and stomach, try to avoid dietary stimulation, adjust the state of mind, avoid anxiety, depression and other emotions have adverse effects on the intestines and stomach.Changsha Dongda Anorectal hospital reminds, drinking will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, will have some adverse effects on human health, so usually drinking should be appropriate, do not drink.If the situation of diarrhea after drinking is more serious, medical treatment should be timely to rule out the possibility of disease.