Affected by rainfall, some sections of Nanjing water serious

2022-07-14 0 By

On March 25, due to the impact of heavy rainfall, xianxin Road, Xianxin East Road, Hengtong Avenue, Maigao Bridge subway station, jinyao Road xinyao Road intersection and other places in Qixia District of Nanjing generated water, among which some sections of the economic development zone inside the water is deep, it is difficult for cars to pass.In addition, Jiqingmen Street (Qingjiangnan Road to Jixian section) is seriously flooded, non-motorized lanes have been flooded to the sidewalk, please pay attention to avoid traffic.Shiyang Road friendship River road north surface water.At present, the traffic police are on the road to divert traffic, clean up the water section, please pay attention to avoid detour.Correspondent Wang Li li Chao Teng Xiaowu Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Guo Yipeng proofread Xu Heng source: Purple cow news