China Minsheng Bank satellite branch completed the provincial banking financial institutions during the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival safety inspection

2022-07-14 0 By

On January 6, the inspection team composed of the Public Security Department of Jilin Province and the Jilin Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau conducted a safety inspection of jilin Banking financial institutions during the 2022 New Year’s Day and Spring Festival at the satellite sub-branch of Changchun Branch.Jia Donghan, deputy general manager of the security Department, and Xu Yang, director of the security department and president of the satellite branch accompanied the inspection work.The inspection work is the overall deployment of the Ministry of Public Security and silver circ safety inspection work, agency attaches great importance to and actively deploying and to promote the implementation of the work, the first time issued by the implementation of the provincial banking financial institutions in 2022 New Year safety inspection notice requirements, organizations to defend the manager learning notice carefully, familiar with the master document standard,On the basis of the standard, self-inspection and cleaning should be focused on the daily transfer and increase of cash, security guard management, fire protection facilities, etc. For potential safety hazards, rectification should be carried out immediately, and the potential safety hazards should be eliminated in time to ensure that the self-inspection coverage rate is 100%.The inspection team focused on checking the security of cash area, banknote adding room, business warehouse and safe deposit box, and had a detailed understanding of the implementation standards of daily work such as self-service bank, payment receiving, escort and banknote transportation.After the on-site inspection, the inspection team affirmed the implementation of our bank’s safety work and the improvement of our comprehensive safety prevention ability, and emphasized that our bank should adhere to the problem-oriented, do a good job in rectification and implementation, and ensure the safe and stable operation of Changchun Branch.